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Svetlana Zakharova

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WOW! I do have to admit Svetlana is my new favorite dancer. I have watched all her videos on YouTube and I adore her. Her artistry, length, articulation, extension, control, and body are all phenomenal! I heard she is over 5' 8" which makes me very excited!! :yawn:

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I watched some videos of her dancing online and she is amazing! She seems to have very good extensions and control of her body while dancing.

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She has her own website.




And if you go to Amazon.com and type her under DVD's something shoukd come up. I ordered a video of her doing Giselle from Amazon.


She is an amazing dancer!!!

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I found it ironic that the members who have seeen her in Swan lake with Robert Bolle were so critical because when I watched it I felt like she had captured the essence of the swan so beautifully.


She is also one of my absolute favorite dancers.

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I know, some people say her extension is too much, but i think she's gorgeous! I would give anything for her extension haha

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Yeah, I own the version of Swan Lake from the La Scalla Ballet with her and Roberto Bolle, and I LOVE IT!!! It was the best version I have EVER seen!!

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I don't understand how her extension could be considered too much. I mean, dance pushes further as time goes on. We turn faster, jump higher, and push the boundaries of our extension, etc. As long as it's used with artistry, I see no problems.


I think Zakharova is gorgeous and I have only seen her in video clips but I can never take my eyes off her.

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Can anybody name all of the ballets Svetlana Zakharova has been in?

I've got:

Don Quixote;

Swan Lake;


The Pharoah's daughter;

Class Concert;


La Bayadere;

The Dying Swan;


can't think of anything else. Any one know any other peices? :)

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Clara 76

I have merged this topic with the existing one. Since there is already a list of repertoire on her website let's not waste bandwidth here repeating it. :)

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