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I know alot of people go through phases of self doubt- whether they'll make it, if all this work is worth it- but sometimes, I feel like I might as well just quit. I mean, I LOVE ballet and I don't want to quit at all, but what if I don't make it I think I would feel extremely guilty for spending so much of my parents' money on such narrow field of work. And sometimes I get the feeling from my teacher that she doesn't think I can do it either--which of course doesn't boost my spirits. And I've found that when I get into one of these stages, I don't do as well in ballet class and that it's hard to pick myself up and move on- especially without the feeling of support from my teacher. I don't mean to seem whiney, I was just wondering if others get these feelings and how you make yourselves feel better.




~oh, and I apologize for the wordiness!~

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Let me just commiserate with you. (That's BIG WORD for "feel bad")


Everybody has those feelings from time to time. It's part of growing up, learning how to deal with them and not let them take over and send you into a spiralling depression, or even if it does, what to do about THAT! Self-doubt is a part of "reality checking" and we all have to do that every so often. It is not directly in opposition to self-esteem, and in fact, can be used to enhance self-esteem, by aiding the decision-making process when a problem arises. And of course, venting is sometimes the best thing you can do when you have a concern. Often, "a burden shared is a burden lightened." :)

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Guest arabesque07

Also, you have to remember, the reason you more than likely started dancing - because it is fun and because you love it. Sometimes the competitive side can take over and you want to do nothing but be successful, but you can't be so hard on yourself that you make it no longer fun. I struggle with that a lot.

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Guest limeymauve

balletlemming I know exactly how you feel--I don't even want to be a professional dancer but I love dancing. Sometimes I forget that when self-doubt takes over....you're right about it making you do worse in class, and when I get frustrated with something I'll do worse also. I don't think I know of a solution, all I do when I get depressed is, like Mr. Johnson said, vent, or sometimes I'll just try and slow down and think about things, like going on long walks. This might not be the right thing to do, but a lot of times I just push everything away and try to ignore it and keep going. If you can feel that joy in dancing again, it makes you feel so much better.

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I definetly know how you feel. Sometimes I look at other dancers and am like "I am NEVER going to be that good. I might as well quit." But i love dance SO much and I really want to become a professional!! So i think to myself, this is what the professionals must have gone through...not thinking they are good enough. Everyone has to start somewhere and work their way up to the top!! Never give up!! Good Luck!!xoxo

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Thanks everybody! I'm glad I'm not the only one, although I do feel bad that others feel this way--it is awful isn't it? But thanks for the advice and support, I really needed it! I'm glad everyone on this message board is so encouraging!

Thanks again! :wub:

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