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Guest 2bORnot2b

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Guest 2bORnot2b

:) Hi!

i'm from Australia and i was thinking about auditioning for some ballet schools in Germany via video.

Would anyone be able to provide me with some help?

Thing such as:

-what age


-body type


and any suggestions of ballet schools?

i have tried looking on the internet!but none of the sites seem to work


please help

thank you


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Moderators, I see that this is a teen board, so delete if necessary.

I did want to give 2bORnot2b the infos, though. -d-



Here are a few addresses, there are more at www.tanznetz.de (an internet-site for dance in Germany).

Look under "tipps" and then "Ausbildung Staatlich".


Do you speak German?


There is also an English-language forum at that site, you could ask questions of students there.


As far as I know, foreign students come in many ages.

As for standards and body-types... that does vary.

What type of dance are you interested in? Some schools tend to have more of a "modern" leaning than others, for example.

Some also tend to put a LOT of emphasis on things like weight, which is not really a good thing, in my opinion. :)


Some of the schools do not have internet sites, or they are not listed. You may have to search for them, or snail-mail them to find out infos.

Of course, you could phone.....


Here are just a few of the internet addresses:


Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin und Schule fur Artistik



Palucca Schule Dresden - Hochschule für Tanz




Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt




Staatliche Ballett-Akademie/Berufsfachschule/Ballettschule der Württembergischen www.staatstheater.stuttgart.de



Let us know how you get on.



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Thank you diane for helping out so nicely with this one! :)


Also there is the Hamburg Ballet School,




All of the schools listed have nice fine reputations. Enjoy the merry search!

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Guest 2bORnot2b

thank you sooo much!!! :rolleyes:


i cannot speak a word of german!!

and i am interested in classical ballet.


<<Moderators, I see that this is a teen board, so delete if necessary.

I did want to give 2bORnot2b the infos, though. -d->>


Which board should this be posted on?

Sorry about that

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do you want to germany only or in one of the western european countries? Overhere in Holland, there are 2 very good classical schools. Audition age ranges from 16-18 (maybe 19). It would be 3 years of 'college' with only dancing. The two schools have both turned out excellent classical dancers. In The Hague, it's really about classical (you hardly have modern / jazz classes, but, a few anyway) and in Amsterdam, you have modern a few times a week, but that one is also mainly focussed on classiscal.


the dutch schools both have a website, the school in The Hague is:




the school in Amsterdam is:




if you have any questions or need some help with translating german to english, i will be most willing to help you!


diane is right that some of the german school are really strict into weight things (won't go into that here, because that's not the point of your question)



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2bORnot2b, this is the older of the two teen boards. This one has an age limit of 22. If you are older than that then I would have to say it may be a bit difficult to set up an audition for a professional ballet school in Germany (or elsewhere). The German ballet schools that have been mentioned are all degree granting schools (basic ages 10-18) Perhaps there may be a few foreign students who may be a year or two older, but not more than that.


As for University level training for students who do not fall into that age group, I do not believe the German educational system is set up to accomodate university ballet. diane, do you have any information on this?


<<Moderators, I see that this is a teen board, so delete if necessary.

I did want to give 2bORnot2b the infos, though. -d->>


If you are asking about the above statement, diane was answering your question because she is an experienced teacher living in Europe, however not a teen! This board is reserved for teens and the moderatiors only.


We appreciate it when others, such as diane and skip, who may have knowledge of something, do respond kindly.


Thank you diane and skip for your help! :)

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In Europe, there are no systems for university ballet. If you want to study dance in Europe in higher education; you have to go a specialized school, that is usually a department of a superior school. With a few exceptions, they're all more focused on modern dance.

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the german schools however have that 'college-division' for ages 18-approx. 21 (can't think of the right name rightaway....probably due to my nightshifts :D...two more and they're done...but, that doesn't help you with the name of the danceprogramms for students above 18)

overhere, dance is getting more and more modernbased, but, as for the schools i mentioned in my other post, they are absolutely focussed on graduating classical trained students. in germany, more schools are classical based.


:) ms. schneider, since i'm under the age of 22, i can technically post on both the teens and the adults boards...right?? :offtopic:


well, if i can be of any more help, feel free to ask :D!



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Thanks for letting me know and thank you for the help! :)

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sorry if it looked a little rude, i didn't mean it that way, i meant it more to ask you than to make a statement...but, now i'm off topic again....sorry....i just wanted to apologize for the way i posted before



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Yes, it is true, as far as I know, that there are no university situations for studying dance - or at least not anything seriously classical - in Germany.



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I am German* and there ARE universities which provide classical dance education. The word "Hochschule" does mean university. Students graduate with a "Diplomstudienabschluß", which corresponds to a Masters degree. The German university system has usually two forms of degrees: Diplom and Magister, the former one is more focused on one discipline (such as dance, biology, business), the latter one is more for humanities and students have two major, or one major and two minors (which results that studying at German universities takes much more time than anywhere else - one of the reasons I study in London now).


*I am 31 but I thought some "German experience" would clarify the situation

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Thank you Dance_Scholar_London for your input. Could you please list these university programs for ballet. It really could be a great help! :)

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Got exams and an audition coming up in the next two weeks but will post this information after the 25th of June. Promised! :)

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