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Houston trip


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I'm taking a small busload of dancers to Houston this weekend to see the Houston Ballet's Balanchine performance and am wondering if there are any favorite spots where the students and dancers like to eat/hang out/shop. Anybody have any suggestions?

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There are several good spots downtown close to where the performance will be. The age of the kids, and the amount you want to spend will certainly influence where you would want to go. Some things are really close, and within walking distance; others would be a short driving distance. There is now light rail downtown that may help you cover distances more than a short walk.


On the web for Houston, you can search restaurants by part of town. Plug in downtown, or arts district and see what you come up with. I will be glad to help you narrow things down. We don't actually live in Houston, but are there at least once a week, and attend performances downtown occasionally.



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Thanks mc. I guess it was early in the morning and I wasn't all that clear. I wanted to show the girls where the students train. Is it in the same place? From what I understand, there isn't a residential program but is there an area where the residential students stay? Girls are all my daughter's age -- 13. Since we'll be driving in, I honestly don't know how much time we'll have for that kind of thing, but I wanted to have it as an option at least. I'll check out what's downtown and let you know what might work and you can give it thumbs up or down. I truly don't want to be taking these girls into a bad part of town, since only 1 other mom will be with me as a chaperone. :thumbsup:

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Houston performs at the Wortham Theatre downtown, which is a ways away from Houston Ballet (where the company rehearses and the students train), which is over on West Bell. I like the cafe in the Wortham-- it's very classy and I never really found a good place near that I like better. If you do make a side trip to HBA, do stop by All Things Dance, which is walking distance from it (just around the corner), and is a fun dance shop. Have fun. I'm very jealous you can see them!

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A couple of corrections about Cafe' Epicure and La Madeline - they are on West Gray in what is known as the River Oaks Shopping Center. This is just a few blocks from HBA school. For 13 year olds this is a nice little strip - Gap... Cafe' Epicure is a wonderful little local spot as opposed to La Madeline - which like Starbucks is nearly on every corner. Just a couple of blocks North of this area is a restaurant (again for local flavor) which is in an old gas station. It serves wonderful, interesting Mexican Food sort of a la Mexico City. It's name is Tilas. Getting from this area to Wortham (where the performance will be) is an easy drive, and takes you through some pretty areas.


Tila's is one of my 13 year old's favorites. I understand from the owner that on occasion there are HBA soloist sightings there. However, probably not before a performance! The restaurant is very small, and has really interesting art work.


All Things Dance which is also very close to HBA again is in close proximity to the River Oaks Shopping Center. It's small, and located in a cute old house. However, it is no longer named All Things Dance. It now goes by Costumes and Dancewear. Formerly, it was owned by someone who works for HBA.


This is way more than you need to know. But, I thought if you were trying to track down some of these places, it would be helpful information to have.


This will be a fun outing for you. :party: How far will you be driving before you arrive in Houston? How many kids will you bring? This neighborhood, and where you will be downtown are both very nice areas - nothing to worry about in terms of a bad part of town. Unless, of course you take a wrong turn!!! :rolleyes:



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I'll be taking 5 dancers and one other mom. We're all so excited -- just read the press release on the performance and it's incredible, the work that went into this celebration. It's only a 3-hour drive from where we live, so it's doable with a gas guzzler and a stereo. :wub:


Thanks for the suggestions on the Mexican restaurant -- those kinds are right up my alley, and DD's as well. We love the quaint, non-franchised types of places. Thanks also for the suggestion on the dance gear shop. I'm sure that'll make a big hit.

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Dd and I went this weekend. We had a wonderful time. HBA presented La Valse, Apollo and Theme and Variations for the Balanchine Celebration. Apollo and Theme and Variations were my favorites. Dd liked them all! It was a great evening.


dazedandconfused- did your girls have a good time? How far are you from Houston?

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Girls all had an INCREDIBLE time. They (as was I) were completely blown away by the precision and artistry of the Houston dancers. I was having the hardest time keeping the lump out of my throat thinking about what they were getting to see and how lucky we all were to be there. One member of the corps de ballet who trained where we live (about 3 1/2 hrs from Houston) apparently made her debut. There were several native Texans dancing. My favorite was Apollo, by far, but I think the girls enjoyed the "tutufest" (to quote the local paper) that was Theme and Variations which finished the performance. It was very fairy tale-like. The men were so incredible. To me, they all looked and leaped just like Baryshnikov (sp?). I'm going to try to get tickets and take them all back to see La Fille, if we can swing it. Thanks, mc, for your advice. That was indeed a great shopping area.

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Thanks for the report! I am so glad it was the well-worth the effort you had to put forth. Your efforts afforded an incredible opportunity to the kids in your group. That is wonderful that you did that for them.



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