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Guest Schonali

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Guest Schonali

Does anyone know where I could have single classes in L.A. area ? I will be travelling. L.A. would be the only place where my schedule allows me to have ballet classes.

Many thanks in advance !

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What part of town will you be staying in? Will you have access to a car? This will help me narrow down where to suggest classes. You definitely need a car in this town. Taxis are rare and mass trasit is not something to rely on.


If I knew what days you might take classes I can try to steer you towards one or two studios. Otherwise, there are just too many options here. Nice thing about this town is you can pretty much find an adult class some place or another at nytime of day, any day of the week.

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Mass transit is not too bad (I take it every day) if you plan ahead. If you will be staying in Redondo Beach, you might want to look into taking classes at Lauridsen Ballet Center, which is in Torrance (website is www.southbayballet.org). They have evening adult classes as well as an 11am class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There's a Torrance city bus that goes from Redondo Beach to Torrance, I think. The website for the Torrance buses are http://www.torrnet.com/city/dept/transit/routes.html. Route 3 (which starts from the Redondo Beach Pier) stops right by the studio.


I also know of a studio in Santa Monica (Westside) and one in San Pedro (San Pedro City Ballet), but it might be more complicated transit-wise getting there.

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