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Guest five feet seven

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Guest five feet seven

Although I'm know where near college age or anything (I'm 14), I would still like to know about colleges and ballet. Are there any colleges that have strong ballet programs? Do you know any colleges where people have become professional after attending? Is it at all possible to attend college and then have a proffesional career? or is that just hopeless?


I love ballet so much, it's my whole life, and all I want to do is be a proffesional. My teahcers generally like me, and I have been told I am "very strong", which gives me hope of becoming professional. Unfortunately, my parents disagree slightly, (actually a bit more than slightly), and would never even consider letting me not go to college. So, ballet and college, possible?


Much thanks.


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The thing is that college can be done at any time, any age, and ballet cannot. If you are ready to audition for a company, at least for a trainee or apprentice position right after high school, then that is the best way to go. If you are not ready, then some college and in a good dance program, and there are several very good ones, would be fine. Maybe a year or two, and then audition again. You can always finish the degree. You cannot always dance.

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There have been dancers who were "sent" to college by their parents, and wise instructors said, "You're ready now!" And encouraged them to go to auditions. When they were successfully employed, they left college, and came back later to finish up the sheepskins! But you have to study the colleges and universities carefully, to find out who's got the placement record that speaks most to what you want to do.

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I don't think there is an age limit on this. It's more a matter of when you are ready, and also if you have the financial support to survive as a trainee or apprentice, since the contracts are generally not good enough for someone to live on without some assistance.

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To Mel Johnson, how/where do you find out about the colleges' placement records? Is there current information available?

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The quickest way is to enter into a dialoque with the department or college in which you're interested. Letter, e-mail, telephone - it's all the same idea. Ask them to list representative alumni or past students, even if they didn't finish their degree before they took a contract.

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I understand what you are feeling here. It's different for everyone, I think.


When the time for college is upon you, you'll have to assess where you are at with dance. Many colleges that have great dance programs are influenced heavily on certain dance teachers/professors that have their own companies as well. Getting in good with them is always a great option.


I was a dance major and graduated wtih a BS in Dance a few years back, here in upstate NY. While i wasn't one of the people who took that opportunity, many of my classmates did! Having recommendations from people at the college and getting your name around in the dance circuit from your university is helpful too. The thing about dancing during college is that you learn more than just the performance side to things, if that's what you're looking for. But, it doesnt HAVE to mean that you aren't going to perform anymore either. ;)


good luck!

HOpe i made some sense to you with this.



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