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Good Ballet Schools Within 100 Miles of Houston


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Well, my mother has cracked, and just informed me that if it is within 100 miles of my house, she will drive me anywhere I please for the 2nd half of the summer (I will spend the first half of the summer in Virginia, because my grandfather just had heart surgery, and my mom's understandably really worried.) I'm very frustrated with my current studio, so it is out, and as I am trying to get into Houston Ballet Academy (I've gotten rejected several (3) times, for either summer programs or year-round, although I do suppose that it is a good thing that the comments are getting progressively nicer, so that the last time I auditioned in January and called them, they told me that I had good arms and a nice upper body, but needed better pointework, and to try again) that's kind of out as well.


Does anyone know of any good ballet schools within 100 miles or so? Thanks so much - this is really kind of a random post, I know. :rolleyes:

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Marentha, Victoria Vittum. She is connected in a school with Gilbert Rome, and also has her own school. She is excellent! Find her school. I can't remember the exact name or location right now, but it's in Houston, or a nearby suburb.

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Is this the one, Ms. Leigh?


I did a Google because i was interested also. ;D


I'm actually in the same boat... sort of. I'm looking for a ballet and pointe class for the month of June. I'm leaving my old studio and they don't have a pointe class for the summer, so that's out. I have an intensive/workshop coming up in July and I just want to make sure my ankles don't give out during those weeks. heh.


Is the Houston Met really that bad, because I'm mentoring with them next year (for a high school mentorship program, not really taking class with them) and I was hoping that they were an okay ballet school...

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Dd auditioned with Ms. Vittum in Houston for Washington School of Ballet this year. She loved the audition class. I feel sure wherever she teaches is a wonderful school.

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Thank you, iceydeville! Yes, that is indeed the one. Ms. Vittum is a wonderful teacher!!! :)

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Ms. Leigh, I hope it is ok to respond here. If not, please feel free to delete.


It really depepnds on what side of Houston you are on as to what may be convenient. A couple of things to consider:


On the Southwest side - Fort Bend Academy of Dance. This is our school and it is excellent. They are having a week-long SI in August. Also, you could find information on them under BalletForte. They are in Sugar Land at 90A and the Grand Parkway.


Just off IH-10 near the Beltway (on the West side) is Margo Marshall's School of Ballet. They have regular classes in the summer, and an intensive that is quite good.


Near Champions where Gilbert Rome is, there is also Amercian Academy of Dance. Angela Jackson is the director, and has a couple of people on her staff who are excellent. If you can get any classes with Miss Barbara she is excellent. My dd was also at the Washington Ballet audition, and loved Victoria Vittum's class. Her assessment was "It was a Miss Barbara class." That is nearly the highest compliment she pays anyone.


Houston Ballet Academy has open classes during the school year. I don't know what happens during the summer. You could check the website.


There is also a good school in Clear Lake.


I hope this helps.


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