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A question especially for Major Mel


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Major Mel, I've heard you use this term many times, but I have to admit, I really don't know what you mean. What exactly are "the goods"? Does it have to do with technique, musicality, artistry, all of the above? Also, what are the "goods" as it relates to the different age groups. Wouldn't they be different for the 16 year old as compared to the 18 year old and so on?

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"The Goods" is realized artistry. Something not cut down technically, dramatically, or musically for a pre-professional student, but the beginning of a fully-blown performance, whether as corps, soloist or principal. And yes, an 18-year-old will have more of a realized performance than the 16-year-old, except in very singular cases.

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"The Goods" is realized artistry


Thank you, Mel, I think I understand this a little better. I'm just the mom, the one who drives and pays. I often times feel like I'm on the outside looking into this dance world of my daughters, but I'm trying. :rolleyes:


Realized artistry sounds like a complex thing. You can see that during a single audition, be it for SI or company placement?

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Yes, you can see it in one audition, but just to make sure, that's why they have callbacks when it comes to paying positions, to make sure it wasn't an unusual good day, or even a bad day, when an auditioner senses a spark that s/he wants to see again. You can call it "maturity", if you like.

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You can call it "maturity", if you like.


You got an "Ah Haaaa!" out of me with that one. You may be soon calling me "grasshopper". :rolleyes: That would be cool!

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