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Guest fastfeets

Last night I took my first class at Nashville School of Ballet, and I opted for intermediate as opposed to advanced. I wanted to play it safe not knowing how the classes were set up, and because I'm pregnant, as well as having had a 6 week break. Well, the classwork was a bit simple, and I could probably handle the advanced class well enough (though it was full of company members and i'm really not sure i'm up to it right now...not to mention they're all so trim and I have this belly thing going on...). I think it's best if I concentrate on what I can get from a class a bit elementary and make it a challenge so when I'm post baby, I *can* take the advanced classes without a whimper. I feel pretty sure I can get a LOT from this class as to placement, etc. and the teacher was just wonderful! I wished there'd have been more turns, but then it was the first class of the session. It will likely get more complicated (i hope...)


I'm pretty sore today, but not as bad as I'd thought. About halfway through class my legs were rubbery and I barely held on...hopefully I'll get that back soon enough, though. 6 weeks is a long time to be lazy. :)


Here's the champagne moment: After class I was getting my things together and the teacher approached me and asked how I enjoyed the class, etc. I told her I enjoyed it a lot, but was just really tired and was coming back after a pretty long break. She said, out of the blue, that it was evident I'd had extensive training.


I don't think I've ever gotten such a profoundly felt compliment before! It probably sounds silly, but it made me feel on top of the world. I'm working against a number of odds at the moment, both physically and emotionally, but still I was evidently good enough to show some background in technique. Wow....I'm still glowing from it. :)


ps, it's really not easy to balance when baby kicks and you start laughing....

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Sounds great fastfeets!


I'm actually moving to Nashville in August, and I'd love to hear more about places to take classes (of course, I'm more at the beginner/advanced beginner level). I'd appreciate any info you could give me!

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Guest Until The End Of Time

I might move to TN in a few years if NY keeps getting expensive with gases and taxes. I saw the place for the Nashville Ballet I was wondering how it is set up and what are the positives and negatives for that school. Thanks. Are there more guys and Male teachers in that school to give me competition?

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Guest fastfeets

In the adult division there are three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. During the regular term intermediate and advanced are more likely to be mixed together, but summer has them separated. There are a few male teachers, but as far as I know they're teaching the advanced class. (I plan to drop into the advanced class after I've gotten my bearings just to see how scary it is...I hear it's pretty hard.). The men that study in the adult division are members of the company, and the trainees, so they're in the advanced class exclusively. I've see 4 or 5, at least, for those classes. I haven't seen any men in the intermediate class, but as I understand it there are still people who haven't attended yet and should be coming in next week. So that could change.


I've been pretty happy with the classes so far. The instructors are very encouraging, and kind...though I'd almost like a little more whip cracking, as it were. (that could be level related, which is why I want to try out the advanced class and see if that's any different...also, having found thursday's class MUCH more advanced than tuesdays, I'm surmising it will vary from teacher to teacher, and may get more challenging as the session progresses.). I really like the facility and the people I'm taking classes with.

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