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I would really REALLY like to attend a Summer School in the UK this year.


I am 19 and have been doing Ballet for 2-3 years and I really need some training and teachers that can offer me expert advice on my technique.


Does anyone know of any that would cater for my needs?

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Perhaps if you could give a region of the UK and your interests for a SI, you may receive more answers to your question. I am most familiar with the Royal Ballet and the English National Ballet. An acceptance to their course is done through video tape auditions for foreigners as well as winning of various competitions throughout the world. Perhaps they also have auditions held throughout the UK? I am sure you could get this information from their websites.


Let us know if you hear of anything else!

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RAD has lots of summerschools and courses held in several places in the UK. don't know if they closed the applying yet, but otherwise, you could go to www.rad.org.uk and there is more information about summerschools and courses.

you can also e-mail courses@rad.org.uk


good luck



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I am in Hampshire so I could travel to London.... I will look into RAD Courses, they sound like they would be the best bet!


I don't know if English National and Royal Ballet would except me....

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Guest beckster

Forgive me for butting in on the wrong board again.


You might also want to look at London Studio Centre - they do summer courses. Central School of Ballet (also in London) might also do something similar. Both have webpages. My friend (who is in her early 20s and had only been doing ballet for one year) did the Studio centre course last year and said it was very enjoyable.

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Thank you Becky, both those courses look good. I have emailed both schools to find out if they will take me :)

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Im sorry to intrude but im confused about the london studio centre, because an above post says a student in her mid 20s with only 1 year training went there, but on their site it says, and quoted:


To apply for any course, applicants must be 15 by 1 September 2005.



For Week 1, Ballet students must have a minimum of 5 years' training in Classical Ballet and have attained at least a Grade 5 certificate in a recognised examining board. For Week 3, Ballet students must be studying at equivalent Advanced 1 or above standard.


Jazz Dance students must have a minimum of 3 years' experience in any dance discipline. Contemporary Dance and Music Theatre students must have a minimum of 2 years' experience in any dance discipline.


... :( did their policy changed from 04 to 05??? :D

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JennyKaye, if you go to this link: European...Summer Programs within the 2004 section of the Summer Intensive forums, on page two, you will see a nice informative post by Clare that lists a number of programs within England. Good luck and let us know where you end up! :(

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