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Menswear question

Guest Until The End Of Time

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Guest Until The End Of Time

If I get a white leotard would it show under the black tights? I noticed discountdance.com only has 3 colors black, burgundy, and white. Much help here. thanks.

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Guest mic31

I use black leos myself. As to wether it would show or not would depend on how thin your black tights are. I would say that it would show a bit when you are stressing the tights the most. I use them because I hate constantly having to adjust my shirt.

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How do I put this...


Yes, any color will show through your around your but area in cambre forward. Other than that, it really doesn't show. And if it's a thong leotard, there won't be much to show in cambre anyway.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

Ok, I'll just get a thong back, and hopefully the white won't show much. Thanks guys. I can always rely on you for help.

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Large port de bras, bending front, side, or back.

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What does cambre mean?

Learning ballet French will be necessary to your development as a dancer. Let me recommend a couple books that help define the French phrases, and might even help teach you to perform them correctly.


THE CLASSIC BALLET by Lincoln Kirstein

gives step-by-step instructions for each movement or pose, accompanied by line drawings with arrows to indicate movement

Kirstein co-founded New York City Ballet with George Balanchine and originally wrote this book in 1952, and its popularity has kept it in print ever since.



starting with the absolute basics (how to grip the barre), this book is another step-by-step guide with black and white picture sequences to illustrate the movement.

Kirstein's book offers better explanations of what to do next, but real photographs make Warren's book appealing.



Both can sometimes be found at a large bookstore like Barnes & Noble or you can order online from either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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Actually, the technical section of The Classic Ballet was written by Miss Muriel Stuart, one of my teachers, and my teacher's teacher before me.

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Sorry for continuing the OTicity of this thread, but I also like the classic (and cheap!) Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant, published by Dover. It doesn't have very many pictures, so to understand some of terms described, you'll need to visualize them in your head, but it does have a pronunciation guide for the terms, and it's very complete. There are some drawings in the back of the book, which I must have stared at for days until I finally got the differences between efface and croise, for devant and derriere positions.



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Now think about this Guys! we all wear white and it doesn't really show thru. Why would a dark color show any more than white! I'll stick with black and white simplifies the wash! Some of the colors are really nice though!

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