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Yes, and I have to say I prefer the David Vaughan biography, "Sir Frederick Ashton and His Ballets." I felt I knew Ashton, as a person and as an artist, after finishing it.

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It's very well-written, I think, but the Vaughan is more about the artist than about ..... well, you'll see :) Tell us what you think!

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Guest mic31

I am finding that the book speaks more to the time and events around Ashton rather than how he reacts or what he gained or lost from each expierience....so far , I'm only 120 pages into it.


By the way I just read a review in Dance magazine about you book on HK. Where can I find your bok here in Canada.

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I think the easiest and cheapest way is on Amazon. They're still discounting it. In the U.S., the chains (like Barnes and Noble, etc.) carry it, and I know it was distributed in Canada, but I don't know where.

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Guest mic31

I am understand more about what you( Alexandra) were saying about the book. It still is a very interseting read. I can't wait to check out the other one

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