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Ballet Talk for Dancers

loss of coordination


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My daughter's little toe that she broke dancing barefoot in her room has finally healed! It was a major break too, little toes are normally stiff and hers wobbled at the end.That took weeks to heal using tape to stabilize it but still dancing (in pain) every day. It's amazing how clumsy she can be :) My son who is a swimmer has about an injury a day yet is graceful in the water. He's lucky that he's a guy and having battle scars are cool. Take them out of their elements and they just can't function. :P

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Less than 10 minutes of being home after her ballet performance my DD flung her left arm into a door. Thankfully nothing was broken. I frequently wonder how can she be so graceful on stage and so clumsy at home. :D

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Stairs, especially UP, can be highly treacherous. I don't know why, but they are.

Hmmm...my college roommate was a former dancer who quite often fell UP stairs. I could never figure that out. She also fell quite often while walking across perfectly level sidewalks, floors, etc. And they all thought I was the klutz! :o


Luckily, dd dances almost everywhere or she too would be falling over invisible objects. And there are no stairs in our home for her to fall up! LOL

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