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Guest mistyvagueness

Hello everyone!


My name is Rose and I'm thinking about taking ballet. (I need to get eighty hours of a sport for P.E. credit) I took some when I was little, but don't really remember any of it. I’m almost sixteen, so I wouldn’t quite fit in with adults or little children.


What are your thoughts? Am I too old to even think about it? Could I make any noticeable progress in eighty hours? (I might end up wanting to continue after that, though!) Would I need to be in an adult class, and would that be enjoyable at all for me? I’m musical—I’ve played the violin for many years—and people always think I'm a dancer (because of my posture and how I walk)...so hopefully I wouldn’t learn too slowly. Are there private ballet lessons, and would that work better because of my age?


Thank you for any advice you might have!



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Hi, Rose, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! We're glad you found us. We have lots of people who will give you advice AND support. We have quite a few people who have started ballet a little later in life -- some as older teens, and some in middle age!


I'm going to transfer your questions to a different forum, where more people will be likely to see it.

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Guest Giannina

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Rose. Treefrog has taken good care of you by transferring your questions to the proper forum. Good luck; I hope that if you do take ballet you'll love it; I'm sure you'll do very well.



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Rose, there are schools that offer beginning teenage classes, which is what would be the best for you. If not, then probably the adult classes if you can find a good program with several classes a week. Good luck! :rolleyes:

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