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Ok serious problem

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Ok, I am about to tell my teacher I think the Pink Tunic, light grey tights, and black slippers looks horrible ( but she wants to dye my slippers to match the tights) and I would much rather wear white tights and white slippers. If she gives me the ok. Since I noticed that the light grey tights were a lil see thru even though they were mens capezio's. Are there any thicker tights, I think wearing two pairs of tights would look kind've chunky and not show my leg muscles. Thicker tights in grey or white? Please help. thanks. Or am I being inconsiderate in wanting to change the attire.

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My approach to costumes is that, as a dancer, they're not my problem. I have too many other things to worry about that most definitely ARE my problem. If the costume looks horrible, then that reflects badly on the director, not on me. If I were to keep getting bad costumes that everyone thinks looks horrible, I'd probably look for a different director. About the only thing I'd refuse wearing on stage is nothing at all.


Dying slippers to match tights makes a lot of sense. I would start off with white canvas slippers, then dye them grey using Rit dye. Beware, slippers usually shrink a bit when dyed this way.


The tights you're talking about are about as thick as they come, certainly a lot thicker than women's tights. As long as the dancebelt is the same color as your skin, seeing it should not be too much of a problem. If your leg hair looks bad under the tights, you can shave it. A second pair of tights under the first is also a common way to make things completely opaque, and no need to shave. Yes, it feels chunky. But I've suffered through my share of dances with two pairs of tights on for various reasons.


White tights will be a lot MORE see-through than grey. They'll also highlight your legs and feet more, something you probably don't given your current level of training. I'd stick with grey.

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Light grey is a good color for tights. It's a little old-fashioned, sort of forties, but then the tunic isn't exactly Giorgio Armani either.

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You know guy all you have to do is ask her! She might like it! Remember, how tights look in daylight and what they look like on stage are two different things. Stage light tends to make things look more opaque! I would agree with dying the slippers to match the tights if you go with grey the black might look too stark. Somewere in the back of my design head, I remember something about contuining the line when the shoes match the legwear. Good Luck with you recital piece!

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