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Guest carla_rg

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Guest carla_rg

I just got pointe shoes yesterday...I was soooooooooooooo excited...they were my first pointe shoes. I had used some before when I was like 11, but only for 5 classes or so. Then I couldn't afford to buy a pair, that's why I stopped wearing them...

Anyways...Any advice so I can catch up with my pointe work?....I've been dancing for 11 years if that helps, I'm 15. (It drives me crazy that I can't show my arch as much and also that I feel that the shoe is dancing and not my feet!!!) But anyways...Thanks :D



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Congratulations on your pointe shoes. The first suggestion I would make would be to only "practice" in your assigned pointe class, with your teacher present. Work very hard, consistently, as your teacher instructs. There really is not magic remedy to "catching up". You will progress, slowly, but safely if your teacher instructs you in a slow methodic manner. There is no fast way to study pointe! But there definitely is a safe way that can lead to years of satisfaction. :jawdrop:

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Guest arabesque07

I don't know if this is an area of weakness for you or not, but doing a lot of releves and tendus can not only increase your arch, but also strengthen your ankles - something that is necessary for pointework.

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