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I'm currently in Wellesley MA and am looking for a good studio within a 20 min drive. I'm primarilly interested in classes M-Th. I'm a 15 year old currently attending a boarding school and I need to find a new studio to dance at during the week (I dance Fridays and Saturdays at home and where I dance during the week just changed their schedule so I will no longer be able to take class there).



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what about boston ballet? i have heard its an excellent school.

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I've looked into Boston Ballet MetroWest and I'm still waiting to hear back about my audition results, I have a feeling however that its not going to work out too great with my schedule. Walnut Hill Community Arts would have been perfect (its only about 5 minutes from my school) but I'm too old for the program (they only accept up to 14yrs old). I know a couple of people from my studio that I go to on weekends that go to Jose Mateo's and it is a wonderful place but it is too far away to get to.

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