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After High School Options

Guest boydancer05

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Guest boydancer05

I am going to be a senior in August and I am starting early tot hink about what i want to do after high school. I want to go to a school attached to a company but I cannot decide which one as I have been accepted to all of my choices in the past which doesn't gurantee me a spot but I feel may increase my chances. What else I was also thinking of doing was going to Europe and training in a school there which to me would be an amazing experience. Are there any schools that accpt Americans? Also any American schools which would prepare someone for a career in a major company? the schools that have accepted me in the past are PNB, SFB, and SAB. Thank you.

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IMO, you would be best off studying in the US. It used to be something of a cachet to say that you'd "studied in Europe", but in the day of globalization, that has passed. You may if you like, but it will only mean something like it used to mean if you come back with an impressive resume of employment! Sightseeing later! Now is the time to get down to the grinding gritty work of getting hired!

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