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Achilles tendon


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Hi, I'm Lizzy and I'm new at the boards.


I have very long/flexible Achilles tendons and so consequently have a very deep plie -- I can get to almost a grand plie without taking my heels off of the floor. Lately, I've been feeling this strange 'pop' in my Achilles tendon (usually the right one, but sometimes the left as well) when I straighten from a plie (not every plie, but at least two or three times per class). It happens also if I'm plieing only on one leg, such as for fondue (sp?). It doesn't really hurt, but it's pretty uncomfortable and kind of jarring. I'm not quite sure how to describe what it feels like besides sort of a 'pop' -- it's as if instead of my Achilles stretching and then returning to its normal length in a smooth motion, it's 'skipping' or 'bumping'.


I'm not really sure what this is coming from (it's been going on for a few months, probably). I'm pretty hyperextended in my legs, have very loose hamstrings, and am also bowlegged, I don't know if those could have something to do with it?


Any advice or information about it would be sososo greatly appreciated.




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Ah, hyperextended AND bowlegged. Some people have all the luck. You get the wicked high extension that comes with hyperextension and the bounce and ballon that comes with the arqué (bowed) legs.


If it doesn't hurt, chances are very good that it's a soft tissue thing where a ligament or tendon or even a small muscle slides over the end of a bone. If it doesn't actually hurt, don't worry about it.

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Thanks, Mr. Johnson! I won't worry about it then, since it doesn't hurt at all. :wub:



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