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Do you have to be good when you are younger?

Guest Mollieochie

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Guest Mollieochie

I know that I am only thirteen, but when I grow up I want to be a professional dancer. I can tell you that I am not the best dancer in my class. I guess what I am trying to ask is, do you have to be good when you are younger to be a professional? Were most dancers really great when they were young?


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Mollie, how good you are when you reach 18 or 19 is what matters. If you had a late start, it might take a bit longer, even if you have all the attributes and physical facility for a career in ballet. There are dancers who have made it who were not childhood prodigies, in fact lots of them. However, you do have to have the potential, which means the right kind of body, with good flexibility, rotation, feet, strength, etc. Coordination and musicality are also important, as well as the ability to be expressive.

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Mollie, successful dancers don't have to be Margot Fonteyn right from the start. Even Margot Fonteyn wasn't Margot Fonteyn when she started. She was a student. She took classes. She got better as time went on. :)

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Guest live2dance115

I don't think that you have to be good when your young. Just look at Misty Copeland, I think she started dance at age 13 or 14, so she definatly started late, and now she is a big part of ABT!

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Just a teensy dose of reality, though....the ones who have started late and made a major company in a relatively short period of time are those who have all the natural gifts to start with, plus exceptionally good training. It's not going to happen if you do not have the physical facility, and/or if you do not have excellent teachers.

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my expierience has been this... i used to be one of the very worst people in my class, no joke :helpsmilie: . i went to a very good SI last summer (CPYB) and learned so much about technique and things, but the most important thing i learned from the 4 class per day shedule, and that is how to really WORK. i also knew once i got there from all the teachers, the other students, just the general atmosphere that ballet was what i really wanted to do in my life. now, a year later, i have been promoted, my teachers told me i'm one of the best in my class ( i dont think so, but whatever), i got into the SI of my dream school....


so i guess what i'm trying to say that, given that you have a pretty good body for ballet, you can achieve lots in ballet with simple hard work and soaking stuff up like a sponge!

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