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Muscle Bulk and Pilates


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I have sort of bulky thigh muscles, and I understand that pilates lengthens muscles. Would it help to lengthen out the thigh muscles? Also, if you know any other activities (yoga?) or exercises that might help, that would be great. Thanks :blushing:

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I would suggest Pilates, pigtailgirl :blushing:

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But remember, please everybody, about yoga. It's NOT about the postures. It's about what goes on inside you.

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Guest ap's mom

My daughter HAD over developed quads as well as the back of her leg (under her glutes), from working incorrectly. Her new teacher this year addressed this issue with her at the beginning of the year and told her that if she worked correctly by using the correct muscles during barre and center that she would notice a difference. Her teacher was not addressing a weight issue but one of incorrect technique. She told her that by making certain corrections her dancing would improve and her extra bulk in these areas would disappear if she started working correctly. In nine months I can tell you her legs look very different, with a much longer, slimmer look.

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Yes, that can happen for sure, if the bulk has been caused by poor training or working incorrectly. Very glad that she got to a good teacher! :blushing:

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