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I just wanted to know what everyone's favorite ballet is and why. My favorite would have to be Don Quixote. I absoluley love how flirty and playful spanish style ballets are. You can have a lot of fun with it :pinch: . I also love Le Corsaire becuase i love the music when the pirates enter and ABT's version has so many great dancers in them such as Paloma Herrera, Angel Corella :helpsmilie: , Julie Kent, Eithan Stiefel, and last but not least Vladmir Malakhov. They are both awesome ballets. Please write back!!!

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Guest RussianSylphide

yeah, that abt video is spectacular!


My favorite Ballets (how can i pick just one?) would have to be Sleeping Beauty because of the music and wonderful fantasical happenings. Swan Lake for all its enchantment...yeah, those two are my favs

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I've only seen one full length ballet, live - La Fille mal Gardee, by the Australian Ballet, and they were amazing. But I'm seeing the Graeme Murphy version of Swan Lake by them on the week end, and I'm positive thats going to be my favourite.

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Umm, this is hard to answer!! :sweating: Many classical ballets, and other humorous ones... It depends on my mood :P:sweating::D

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IT IS SO HARD TO CHOOSE! But I have to say that I LOVE Pavane, even though it isn't very widely known. And I of course love Nutcracker, it is so magical at Christmastime! Then I love Scheherazade, though I think that we do it a bit differently....... :green:


BUT OF COURSE: any ballet is magical, fun and unbelievably entertaining!


~* :grinning: Erica B) *~

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Erica, what is Pavane? Whose ballet is it? Is that a full length ballet, like a whole evening? Who wrote the music?


My favorite is, and always has been, Giselle :green: Why? I don't know. Love the Romantic Era I guess, and I always loved dancing it, whether I was doing corps de ballet or a lead Wili or Myrtha. I never performed the role of Giselle, but I did get to learn and rehearse it.

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The Nutcracker is very definitely a ballet, Nicole :P

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As I'm sure you can guess from my screen name- The Nutcracker will probably always be my favorite. It doesn't seem to matter whose version.


The Nutcracker will always symbolize Christmas and happiness for me. No matter what crazy thing is going on in life, The Nutcracker wraps me up in the music, and spirits me away.


Clara :P

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:P Well I guess that Pavane is an Andrei Bossov Ballet......and I am not quite sure who did the misic, sorry that I ca't help you there! But it is about 4 young princesses who are dying, and 4 "caretakers" are bringing them across the river to put them to rest. It was all partnering and it was like a half an hour long! It was with a couple of other quick ballets. If you click here: http://www.bossovballet.com/spring2002show6.htm

then you can see pictures of it. There are also the other ballets that it was performed with. None of the pictures are of me, but that is what it was like. We are all on flat shoes because we were not quite good enough to do partnering on pointe yet!


I hope that some people find this interesting! It was very fun to do! :D



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I believe Pavane is a Ballet choreographed by Balanchine on Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Défunte, but I am sure that other Pavane might exist as well...


Well, you might have guest from my name that Les Sylphides (chopiniana) and La Sylphide both are my favorites...although many more come really close after :thumbsup:

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Kurt Jooss also choreographed a version of Ravel's Pavane.

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hmmm... I have many, but Nutcracker, le corsaire, and Balanchine's Concerto Boracco! The music for that is gorgeous.


I haven't seen many ballets, but I have seen bits and pieces of many from some of the videos I have, and I loved the scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Don Q, and Swan Lake that I saw.

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Guest LaurieM

Mine is The Nutcracker. I don't have a favourite version (I quite liked Matthew Bourne's but I believe that was modern ... right?), and the reason why I like it is because it's such a classic story, everyone knows it, and it has big mice in the land of sweets, lol. The dancing is always spectacular too, of course. :yes:

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