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I absolutely love Swan Lake. I saw ABT perform it just last month with Paloma Herrera as Odette/Odile and Marcelo Gomes as the Prince. I was so impressed with the choreography. I was amazed with how effectively the swans were able to portray bird-like movements. The costumes were gorgeous as well. It was truly mesmerizing!

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I could never chose a favorite but i really like Coppelia, Romeo and Juliet,

and Sleeping Beauty. The music is so beautiful in them. And of course the

Nutcracker is a classic :D

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I pretty much like all ballets I see, but Swan Lake stands out to me because of the beautiful music and how the swans in act II and act IV show their emotions so well (I might also like it because my dance school just finished performing it, but I still really enjoyed it). And of course there's the classic Nutcracker which my dance school does every December that is just so magical and, well, classic!! I've pretty much memorized all the music!! LOL. :thumbsup:

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I haven't seen very many ballets (and none in person- other than the Nutcracker), but I would say Coppelia's my favorite. I guess I like Swanilda's spunky personality and the fact that it has a happy ending. Not like Giselle...

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Well, I can't pick a favorite so I'll go with my least favorite - and that would be Giselle.

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Umm....well I definately don't think I can pick one favorite, but I have to say Macmillan's Mayerling would be up there. It's so powerful when you see it live in a theater. As well I've always loved Balanchine's four temperaments. I can't quite articulate why I love it so much, but everytime I see it it's better than I remember it. Also, Ashton's Rhapsody is quite fun to watch, not quite as powerful as Mayerling, but very enjoyable all the same. Hmm...I'm just realizing that I could probably fill an entire page with favorite ballets :wink:

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Guest Bailarina

I love Don Quichotte too, because of the spanish atmosphere which is really nice, the choreography, the music ... plus it's very entertaining and I think it's the best ballet to someone who never saw a ballet before.

Apart from Don Q, my favourite would be... Giselle. I love the poetry, the romance, the sensitivity... everything.

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My daughter is a dancer, so I can speak for her here. But it's my favorite too. :sweating:


It's a new ballet and we just saw it this year. Mark Morris's Sylvia. Loved it Loved it Loved it Loved it Loved it. My daughter dreams of being able to dance this one day. Her other favorite is, of course, Nutcracker.



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I'm going to be forced to stick with the ones I've seen in real life, sadly, though there are loads that I really want to see in real life. (I'm going to say that the video of Makarova and Dowell in Swan Lake doesn't count.)


Of the stuff I've seen, I liked In the middle, somewhat elevated by Forsythe and Giselle the best.

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Even though I posted at the start, Graeme Murphy's "Swan Lake" is my favourite for sure. It was amazing - an excellent 'mad' scene, a stunning hungarian dance, and an extremly talented corps de ballet. It's very heart wrenching (I hope thats the right word).

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I have to say that Forsythe's In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated is my favorite. Of the big ballets, I like to dance the Valse Lente in Coppelia and Coffee in Balanchine's nutcracker (attempted only when alone :wink: ). I like to watch Swan Lake.

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Guest sweetiepie4186

The Nutcracker, La Bayadre (sp??), and Sleeping Beauty would be my favorite. I like these ballets because the second acts always have like little mini dances that are so cute and very good!


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Although I have only seen it once performed by a student company, I love Serenade the most. :wink:

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