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My favorites are Giselle (could you guess by my name?) because it's so beautiful, I just love watching it and Peter Pan. I saw it a couple years ago and it was so funny and entertaining. B)


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My favorite ballet is "The Sleeping Beauty". I could watch the Rose Adagio again and again. :)

Although I have seen it performed, my favorite version is a tape of the Royal Ballet, with Viviana Durante as Aurora. :blink:



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La Bayadere... I love the Bronze Idol's solo, but even more the

Kingdom of the Shades. When I first saw it performed live

I was grieving a significant loss in my life, and that scene left

me in tears -- for me, it spoke deeply, memorably, and clearly

about grief.

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Mine are Romeo and Julliet by Prokoviev (different choreographers), because it is full of love and emotion, and Matthäuspassion by Neumeier, because I like and studies Bachs Matthews-Passion for a long time/know the music very well and love the noble aesthetics Neumeier has given to this ballett. When I saw it, tears came to my eyes several times, because I felt I was in heaven.... :)

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Guest dancing<><piper

Oh, dear...I can never answer this! I have seen lots, and lots of bits of ballets on video, but live, I've only seen about a million versions of Nutcracker, La Bayadere, Le Corsaire, and what I have just decided is my total favourite so far,

Deliver Us, by Ballet Magnificat! (my favourte company too!) choreographed by Jiri S. Vorbosky (who danced the main part and was AWESOME!)

The music was perfect (soundtrack for Prince of Egypt movie) and

the whole thing, dancing, music, emotion, was wonderful. I deinitely would have cried in the last scene if I hadn't been so mesmerized by the dancing.

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Guest dancing.silhouette.
Although I have only seen it once performed by a student company, I love Serenade the most. :clapping:

For sure! Serenade was stunning. I saw it for the first time live about this time last year. :grinning:

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My two favorites would have to be La Fille Mar Gardee and Le Corsaire. I love the video ABT did where they have the interviews. I love Le Corsaire because it is so different and exciting. I dont really know why I love La Fille Mar Gardee! :grinning:

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First two that came into my head were Giselle and Firebird. I really like both of those. And "Après-midi d'un faune" has a soft spot in my heart because I love Debussy.

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Guest beccarina113

mine would be giselle

its just the way the dancing is its so smooth and the music is so pretty.

i really like the royal ballets version i have it on video

beccarina113 :thumbsup:

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Concerto Barroco, and The Four Temperments I am a Balanchine fan. Les Sylphide is another favourite of mine. I danced that last spring.


When Kirov came to town and did Sleeping Beauty I absolutely loved it, despite the fact that everyone I talked to who had also seen it hated it. :wub:

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Swan Lake, no doubt :wub:


I've seen two so far, one in Zagreb, Croatia, and it was very special because the story was changed a bit in a very interesting way and Act IV had the best opening I've ever seen.


The second was Nureyev's in Vienna and it was absolutely amazing. I loved it.

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Guest futuredancer

My favorite ballet is "Romeo & Juliet". Not only is it a beautiful, romantic and tragic story, the music in the ballet is gorgeous and the emotions are so well expressed in the choreography. I hope one day to dance the part of Juliet :)


EDIT: Matthew Bourne's "Swan Lake" was absolutely gorgeous and perfectly executed. Those swans were not wimpy at all, they were amazing!

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