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My favorite ballet is the Nutcracker because it was the first ballet I ever saw. It also inspired me to start dancing. Every year for Christmas my mother gives me a new nutcracker to add to my collection...there are way to many of them to count! But Swan Lake and Don Quoite are tied at second.

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Guest DerfDude04

I have quite a few...my favoirte full length would be either Swan Lake (Christopher Wheeldon's choreography on Pennsylvania Ballet) or The Nutcracker (Balanchine or PNB's version).


My favorite Balanchine works are Ballo della Regina (amazing footwork for the lead female!!! I even saw Merrill Ashley rehearsing the principals of PA Ballet while rehearsing it!!), Western Symphony, Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, Stars and Stripes...among many others!

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Guest cozette

I would definantly have to say The Nutcracker is my favorite, especially at this time of the year. Next to that I would say Swan Lake, because I absolutely love the music.

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Guest N.E. Star
and what I have just decided is my total favourite so far,

    Deliver Us, by Ballet Magnificat! (my favourte company too!) choreographed by Jiri S. Vorbosky (who danced the main part and was AWESOME!)

    The music was perfect (soundtrack for Prince of Egypt movie) and

the whole thing, dancing, music, emotion, was wonderful. I deinitely would have cried in the last scene if I hadn't been so mesmerized by the dancing.

I liked that one, but "HIStory" was awesome. One of my all-time favorites.

The ballet that is my "fad fav" is "Swinging" from the musical Contact.

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That's difficult to say.....I love many ballets as Coppélia, Swan Lake, Giselle or La belle vie. I would say La belle vie and The Joseph's legend are my favourit ballets.

I just love La belle vie because of the dramatic story and the scences in the nightclubs and (in the version of Heinz Spoerli) the idea of the famous pictures about the french revolution which he re-built with his dancers. The reason why I love the Joseph's legend could be that I am a secret fan of the dancers who danced the main part.

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That must be the Spoerli version of the "Josephslegende" you've seen. I believe that the original Fokine version is lost. Funny story about this ballet, aside from its odd scoring - ever heard of heckelphones? There are four of them in this music - The title role was originally danced by Leonide Massine barelegged. He got so much kidding about his appearance (The title rendered in French is "La Legende de Joseph." Audiences were raving about "Les jambes de Joseph"!) That he resolved to avoid showing his legs whenever he could. Thus, so many of his costumes included trousers!

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Joseph's Legend was also done by Hamburg Ballet a number of years ago. It was choreographed by Neumier I believe, and Kevin Haigen was Joseph in this production. There was a video of it.

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Um... "Swan Lake," "Romeo and Juliet," (our company's performing it this year), and anything Balanchine. Especially Interplay.

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"Interplay" is by Jerome Robbins, although I will say that the NYCB production of it looks more Balanchine than the Joffrey production or ABT's revivals of it using the original costumes (by Irene Sharaff).

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Yeah, it was the Spoerli Version. Sorry that I did not pointed it out clearly.

He,he, I love the legs-story.... :(

I'll try to get that video because I love productions of Neumeier too, so that I will have something to compare it (altough live and video are still two different things)

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Guest beanzyroo

my favorite ballet would also have to be Don Quixote because it was the first real ballet that I ever saw besides the Nutcracker of course. I love learning the variations in class because they are so much fun :shrug:

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I absolutely love Romeo and Juliet, especially the balcony scene. Prokofiev's music is gorgeous and the storyline is so romantic and heartbreaking. (My love of the ballet is probably the reason I loved studying the play in grade ten. I remember doing acting several scenes as Romeo but I ended up memorizing everyone else's lines for the heck of it.) Another one of my favorites is Carmen-- especially for the music and the vibrancy of the dancing. The second intermezzo (hence my nickname) is my favorite and I found a beautiful clip of Alessandra Ferri rehearsing it. I'm not quite sure who her partner is, unfortunately. Alessandra Ferri -- Carmen (Click on kabel or modem)

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