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Well...the Markitenka (aka La Vivandière) pas de six was originally part of a one-act ballet. I have three tapes of the pas de six--two with Pankova/Vikharev and one with Alla Sizova (my favorite). The original was choreographed by Arthur St. Léon and Fanny Cerrito, but I'm pretty sure the version we have today is a reconstruction by Pierre Lacotte (and someone else?). Anyway, I agree it is quite lovely!

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Guest PointeBaby_x3

My favorite ballet is probably Nutcracker! It`s so pretty, I have been doing it every year, for 7 years. :yes: Well just thought i might share that.

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Guest lisinka1

My two favorite classical ballets are Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. Both have gorgeous choreography and music. The best Swan Lake that I ever saw was Natalia Makarova and Ivan Nagy. Viviana Durante did a most enchanting Aurora with the Royal Ballet in the mid 90's.


My favorite Balanchine ballets are Serenade, Theme and Variations, Apollo, Mozartiana, Agon, and the Four Tempermants. All show Balanchine at his best. With the exception of Agon, these ballets have beautiful music that I'd listen to all day even without the dancing.

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I have a lot of favorite ballets. :thumbsup: I really like Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty because they have amazing dancing and they are classics and wonderful to watch! :lol:

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1) "Swan Lake" always first because I know it the best: music and basic P/I choreography--though it's the one full-length I never got to perform because of an unfortunate U.S. government miscommunication that said we were moving. When I was 2yrs old I threw a "crying fit" because the Ice Capades parodied it. Makarova/Nagy still best. Surprisingly, I did like Bourne's version though.

2) Macmillan's R&J--the balcony and bedroom pdd's of course, but also the inspired stillness of Juliet sitting on the bed while the music races. I also liked Cranko's tomb scene for the drama as Juliet is lowered into the grave; though most of the pdd's looked more like gymnastic exercizes.

3) "Round of Angels"-first seen on PBS' Dance in America, but so much better live. When the curtain opens to that huge velvety starfield and the gorgeous Mahler 5th adagietto, all troubles melt away and one is transported both by setting AND dancing to someplace serenely beautiful. I love it for the same reason that Arpino choreographed it. And truly regret it's not available on dvd or performed often?

4) Ballet Vancouver(?) (company was from BC, Canada but not sure which) one-act to Beethoven's Emperor Concerto. Basically, the plot is a love triangle with some reference to "Jardins au Lilas" but much more overt. I'll never forget that opening and red dress, the use of corps/crowd as commenters, and the pdd. Magical. And WOW!

5) My old company's "Ancient Airs & Dances" to Respighi's Suite2 "Laura Soave", and "Bergamasca", and Suite3's "Passacaglia."

6) "Giselle" though everything depends on how Albrecht is played. And I always wait for the grand pas' pique arabesque lifts for detail.

7) New fav: Angel Corella's "solo" in Wheeldon's "For4" I love the fluidity in the allegro.

8) Boston Ballet / ABT's "Corsair"

9) La Fille...'s staging and storm fx. And of course Ashton's choreography in the pdd's and crazy clog dance.

10) Liturgy, but I've always loved the music anyways.

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Guest Raedyn L.

I love Swan Lake.


Like I've said many times before, on other dance forums--there is just something about a woman who is trapped on a lake, enchanted by an evil sorcerer, with an evil twin who dupes her True Love and ruins the whole thing therefore turning it into a tragedy, that just gets me. :).


But Mister Bournes' version of Swan Lake?


I really didn't get it. Sure, it broke boundaries, set the entire ballet on its head and replaced almost every single female with a MAN! *glare*


Yet I have to ask you--what's the point?

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My favourites are, without a doubt Mayerling, and La Bayadere. Mayerling proves there is nothing that can't be done through dance as a medium and La Bayadere because there is a frisson in it the whole way - I get a bit tired of Ashtons eternal village dancers and Petipa's. :innocent: Fiz. xxx

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Swan Lake has to be my favorite classical ballet but I love a lot of Balanchine's- Theme, Serenade, Concerto Barocco, Raymonda Variations, Symphony in C, Allegro Brillante....

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Our favorites are Les Sylphides, La Fille Mal Gardee, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Paquita, La Bayadere, Balanchine's Star's & Stripes and Mozartiana, Manon (especially the final grand pas de deux).

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I love all Balanchine ballets, like Agon, Divertimento, Stars and Stripes, Who Cares.... the list goes on...

Sometimes I go through phases with ballets :angry: - I guess whenever I learn a new variation, that one automatically becomes my favorite for a while...

But, I have to say that my favorite variation of all time would have to be Esmeralda - I absolutely love it!



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To watch... Don Quixote. I love the story and the playfulness of the choreography.


To dance... Swan Lake, it doesn't matter what part… corps, soloist, or principle. My most memorable moment is Odette's pas. Moving to that heart wrenching violin was unreal. It is the one pas, if given one wish, that I would do again. Although as a teacher for a small studio, I played Von Rathbart (guys were lacking). That was a performance I’ll never forget.

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The first that come to mind, in a variety of genres :huh: :


Hamlet (Stephen Mills)

Petit Mort (Jiri Kylian)

Serenade (George Balanchine)

Romeo & Juliet (any version)

Don Quixote (any version)

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I just wanted to know what everyone's favorite ballet is and why. My favorite would have to be Don Quixote. I absoluley love how flirty and playful spanish style ballets are. You can have a lot of fun with it :D . I also love Le Corsaire becuase i love the music when the pirates enter and ABT's version has so many great dancers in them such as Paloma Herrera, Angel Corella :wub: , Julie Kent, Eithan Stiefel, and last but not least Vladmir Malakhov. They are both awesome ballets. Please write back!!!

to me, the sleeping beauty by mats ek is the best ballet i have ever seen on video and his work is amazing. until recently he was the director of the culberg ballet in sweden.he has also just done three new pieces for micha to be performed at the holland festival this summer.

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