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Welcome to BTforD, Hawk! :D That Giselle sounds lovely--I should hunt it down!!

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Houston Ballet's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Classical ballet at some times, contemporary at others. LOVED the entire fairy scene.

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Bringing this back... I can't pick a favorite, but La Bayadere, Giselle, Nutcracker, Serenade, and Le Corsaire are definitely my top 5 ;)

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I've always had a special devotion to Swan Lake. I know, I know, it's quite cliché to love something quite so classic, but there you go. Other ballets I love are: Giselle, Firebird, Scheherazade (obviously!), La Bayadere... But anything I watch live, I love.

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Sadly, I have never been to a ballet before. I have never seen or felt the actual raw presence of the dancers on stage, I am very jealous of others who have the chance to feel it. I would love to see Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Alice in Wonderland, and specifically Sleeping Beauty- in my opinion, Sleeping Beauty was made for ballet, it is such a pretty story itself. I can only dream to have a solo in SB.

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ViolaDancer, Rubies and Emeralds are from the ballet Jewels. :)


Yes - I saw Jewels and loved those two section (over Diamonds)

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I love Swan Lake (the arms are so expressive and so many beautiful steps) and La Bayadere (it's so tragic yet filled with hope and love, I like the Nikiya's solo before she dies.  She is so sad and then she gets the flowers and becomes the happiest woman alive).:)

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I prefer the "mixed bill" approach with maybe three shorter pieces over a full length story ballet.  

If we're talking only full length ballet, then I'd probably have to go with Nutcracker, because of the grand Christmas tradition, fabulous music, and community involvement.

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Any of Tchaikovsky’s ballets are my favorites. I don’t have a dance background, but I do have a music background and grew up listening to Tchaikovsky. His ability to express emotion though music  has always touched me, so to see it combined with movement is glorious. I was finally able to see Swan Lake in person this year, and it was a dream!

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Gosh this is so insanely hard. 

Love Jewels, Serenade....Giselle, of course. :) Romeo and Juliet. Swan Lake, sometimes, depends on who's dancing it. :)

David Nixon's Dracula is probably my all-time favorite, just because it's so amazing. If you haven't seen it, you are missing out. Just amazing, especially the pas de deux between Mina and Dracula (where Mina lifts him!). Just typing it makes me want to see it again. :) Also love Edwaard Liang's "Age of Innocence". 

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Oh jeez it's so cliché, but I just love Swan Lake!  I could watch it for hours on end, especially ABT's version with Ms. Red Hair (sorry I don't remember her name, 😅).  I saw this one version though, on YouTube, it was the pas de quatre in the White Act, and it was so weird.  The dancers barely seemed to lift of the floor at all.  They were practically walking.  I don't know, maybe it was a student version? 🤷‍♂️

I also looove "The Dream" by ABT.  It's an adaption of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and it's gorgeous.

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On 11/26/2019 at 4:58 PM, OldSoulDancer said:


I also looove "The Dream" by ABT.  It's an adaption of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and it's gorgeous.

The Dream is indeed a beautifful one act ballet. It ws choreographed in the early 1960s by the British choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton and Oberon then was danced by Sir Anthony Dowell, who later staged The Dream for ABT.  By the way there is a lovely video of it with Ethan Stiefel - you should be able to find it on YouTube!

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