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ADC Richmond 2003 photos-website recommendations?

Chat De Pas

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I have LOTS of photos that I took with my digital camera last year at two Richmond ADC sessions: the June 2003 session and the first August 2003 session. I'd like to post them to a website where people can see them, download them to their own PCs if they like, or even order prints.


I know that there are several websites out there that allow you to do this, like Snapfish, Ofoto, MSN photos, etc., but I have no experience with any of them!


Are there any specific sites that others have had experience with and like? What would you recommend?


Carolyn (Chat de Pas)

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I think you can register (free) at yahoo photos and then share your photos via e-mail. My friends in Australia do this so I can view all their snaps.

Also, I think, and you would have to check, the ballet blogs may allow you to put on photos. I suggest you type blogs or ballet blogs into the search engine on ballet alert and see what you get.



P.S. these sites are really easy to use. If youcan use a digital camera, then you can easily use the sites. All you do is download your photos off your camera as you would normally do, into a dircetory on your computer. Then when you register at these sites, they have an easy walk through guide, and it will ask you the location of your photos, i.e. C:\my photos\Richmond and they will be uploaded onto the file server at the hosting website, and you can do what you want with them. They have a really cool system, where they will print out your photos to you for 15c a photo, and send them to you. Really quite neat. And of course you can e-mail the location of your album page to anyone you want to. Of course they won't be on view for everyone to see, unless you give them the URL.

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Thank you, Xena! I've been playing with this for a couple of days, and I think I have it figured out.


I'll post a new topic with a link to the photos (since you answered the question on this one) and we'll see what happens....


Thank you again - a big reverence to you!


Chat De Pas / Carolyn

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