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Books: The Dance by Richard Evans

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I need help finding a specific book. I remember reading about it several months ago, probably at Amazon.com, and thinking it might be a nice Father’s Day gift for my husband. Now I can't remember the title. If I remember correctly, it had something to do with a father watching his daughter dancing as a child and then as she grew older (I think). And I think this is something you read with a tissue box close by. Anybody have a clue?

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Sorry, no clue at all! Sounds like a good present though!

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I think you're looking for The Dance by Richard Paul Evans. He also wrote The Christmas Box. The Dance is a very sweet book that my husband gave our Dd. He works out of town about half the year and seems to always be gone when she is dancing in performances but she always says her daddy is there with her.

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YES!!! That's it!!! Thank you so much. Instead of a Father's Day gift, I think I'll have my husband give it to our dd just before her school's culmination performance. She has her first solo so it's an extra special occasion for her.

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Just to echo what others have said, it is a wonderful book, and it does tend to make you cry.

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