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Lack of support and understanding w/in families


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In our family, as in so many others, we have a wide variety of support (or not). Our more distant relatives endure with great patience all of our ballet stories, but most don't really get it, although they are just clueless, not mean. And most of them live so far away, they can't come to see her dance. My sister did a bit of ballet when younger and she really is supportive and more or less knowledgable about the time and financial committment we are making; I send her videos occasionally and she appreciates it. My mother has yet to purchase her own ticket to a performance; if I don't buy it for her, she just doesn't go. My dd's three much older sisters are to differing degrees, jealous. (go figure--and at their ages :wacko: ) I almost always offer to buy their tickets, but even then, they don't always come. Last year, when we finally made to move to homeschooling, the oldest sister just went ballistic and makes snide remarks to me about "no-schooling" and "normal childhood." Behind my back, she questions dd about her "pushy parents" and how hard her schoolwork really is, etc. The others make smaller comments about the financial outlay. And they all join in chorus about the dreaded "eating disorder" issue (which does not happen to be an issue that would apply to my dd). It gets very old. But my dd has very thick skin and a good outlook, so it actually seems to bother her less than it does me at times. She can win (with good humor and no yelling) almost every verbal battle with her oldest sister, who is 16 years dd's senior.


To balance out the family "support," we get incredible support from our friends and especially our church family. They always want to go to her shows (and they even pay for their own tickets) and they are always asking about her training and our commute and countless other things. It is very sweet. Actually, they even understand why she can only come to church on Sunday nights and very few Sunday mornings, and sometimes not at all. And they have been incredibly supportive of the homeschool thing (this, even though we had to take her out of the church-sponsored school).


:blushing: My husband is extremely supportive. He has put off many household "upgrades" he has wanted to do, due to financial committments to ballet training (and pointe shoes, and costumes, and leotards, and videos, and music, and the new car we had to buy so we can do the commute, and the trips to NY and then there are the SI's and the private coaching.......). Need I say more?! :mondieu::lol::D

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I am very lucky to to have a dad (DD's grandfather), who NEVER misses a performance or our regional YAGP competition. (My step-mom is ok with ballet). He has been to every Nutcracker, and every spring show, with one exception - he missed one Nutcracker due to bronchitis! He also goes to every local synchro meet for synchrodaughter too. However, when my mom was alive, he and mom had season tickets for the ballet (his favorite two dancers ever are Maria Tallchief, and Alicia Alonzo - those two are his standard for today's ballerinas! :wink: )


My mother and father in law are also very big supporters for our girls - indeed they will come to UBA after the 1st session, see the demonstration class, then take DD home with them for the week, and bring her back for session 2! - :D Even though they cannot come to performances here in SoCal, they always call to wish DD luck, and call again to see how everything went.


I am very grateful that both sets of grandparents are so supportive of BOTH our girls! They all found it very charming that my husband also installed a ballet barre in DDs room as a Christmas gift two years ago. :)

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