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Really Frustrated!!!!

Guest Cballet4me

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Guest Cballet4me

Okay. I am very frustrated. I have recently switched dance schools and over the past two years, I have really improved and I'm doing pretty well. Well, I have always had trouble with piroettes. Like I'm really really not that good at them. So yesterday, after we had finished a combination at the barre with a balance in second en releve,(I had done a pretty good balance) my teacher told me that I really need to take that control that I have at barre and bring it into my piroettes. So I tried. :P And tried. B) And tried. :D And I wasn't able to do it. I just ended up flinging myself around. I really want to be able to do them correctly, and in control. So, after all of that, :blushing: , here is my question:Do you know of any things that I really need to focus on to actually get that control in my piroettes? Thanks. :wink:

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Yes, you have to concentrate on the idea that to change anything, you usually have to try, and try and try and try, and most of the time, you can't perceive any improvement, but over time, it comes on. I never saw a real improvement happen in one class, but instead over a time and after a lot of classes. Then you can see the difference.

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I remember I used to have alot of trouble with pirouettes too!! What I started working on was getting a really good starting position (really deep plie) and just practice going up on releve passe! I made sure that my passe was really turned out and that I had a good releve! I just kept practice that over and over! It really helped! Now according to some people in my class, I am the best turner in my class!! Another thing that really helps is to "spot"! It makes such a difference!!

Good Luck!!! xoxo

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Guest Dancr6788

I know how frustrating it is when you try your hardest and it just doesnt work (in fact today i got a bruie from turning at the barre and falling so many times). here are some of my common mistakes.. i hope maybe they can help you:

First of all make sure you go straight up on your supporting leg, not forward or bak or to either side. Keep your hips in too. One of my huge problems used to be that i didnt help with my arms.. its more then just the force try pretending that you elbow(the side your turning to) is being pulled around. i hope this may have some what helped.. good luck


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Guest pavlovadancer

For me, pirouettes have always been 80% luck. In other words, whether it is a good turning day for me or not. My teacher always says otherwise, but this has always been true for me anyway. :lol:


However, somethings I've noticed on my good turning days: I tend to be more pulled up. I also tend to be more relaxed. Being relaxed has always been really important for me when I turn. When I feel tense, and I start to ask myself if I'm going to make the double or whatever, I usually end up on the floor. :blushing:


Also, make sure your weight is more on the foot that you are going to go up on (aka the supporting leg).


Please correct me if I'm wrong, because this has never actually been taught to me officially, but the way I get round a turn (excuse the pun) is this. When in preparation, I make sure my weight is pulled up. Then I use my feet to get into releve, but not to actually turn, unless it's an en dedan turn. My arms go from the preparatory third to second to first and this is what helps me turn (without, of course, twisting the shoulders too much).


I hope this helps, and please correct me if I'm wrong. Heh heh. :D

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Hello!! Another frustrated "i can't do pirouettes" person here... :blushing: Turning is just not my thing, and I am so dependent on whether it's a good turn day or not. Here are a couple of things that help me:


1. Practice, practice, and practice some more at home, as well as in class, of course. It'll come eventually.

2. Spot! (how many times have my teachers told me this?!) Spotting does make a difference in whether you "make it" or not. It doesn't just prevent dizziness, but also gets you around.

3. Relax, as pavlovadancer mentioned. Don't do it haphazardly, but don't feel like one big brick.

4. Use your arms. (heard this one many times too!) They aren't there for nothing; use them to give you the force, and to keep yourself going. Make sure that your elbows aren't "breaking." Also, if you're making your arms "too long" or "too short", then that could affect your pirouettes as well.

5. Try to feel one straight line through your body. I know how hard this is.

6. Don't take too much force. Unless you know how to control it, you'll probably mess up your turns.

7. Use your shoulders to keep yourself turning. I don't mean that you should twist them, but keep them back.

8. Instead of tensing your arms, tense your side muscles. That will help you keep yourself upright and correct your body if you lean towards one side.


I hope this helps! Sorry it's so long! :angry:

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Just a couple of things Mohnurka. First, the force and energy for the turn is generated from the back muscles, not the arms. The arms are an important part of support in the turn, however the back muscles do the work, not the shoulders and not the arms. Secondly, don't "tense" anything! And how does one "tense" the side muscles, anyway??? I don't really think that is possible. Correct usuage of the abdominal and back muscles are the important ones to remain upright. Perhaps you are just thinking of not giving in on one side or the other? That would create a problem for sure. One needs to be vertically upright to turn! :rolleyes:

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Thank you Ms. Leigh for correcting me. Sometimes it's just difficult to explain. Thanks for clarifying.


Being vertically upright, of course, is very, very important! About "tensing the sides of your body," I didn't mean that you should feel stiff, and "tense," but just pull up... which would basically include your back and abdomen. Some of those things are what my teacher has been continually telling me for the past several months... :flowers:

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