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Guest nyMETdancer

Help! For Camp I need all black leotards , and I would love it if you could help me out by recomending some , and I live close to NY so the store can be there. I am open to anything , and everything is much appreciated! The cheaper the better!






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I would suggest the most conservative of styles. Teachers are not looking for fashion statements in leotards. The leotard should be functional, yet attractive. There are so many styles and brands of leotards, I cannot recommend just one, but you should consider, a simple neckline and back (no halters), for summer long sleeves are not necessary, no velvet, a solid black, a flattering line to the leg, not to high cut not too low!


Look at any of the websites, I am sure you can just order online.

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Ms. Schneider is absolutely correct. It's like a social event that has you wondering "just what should I wear, anyway?" A Little Black Dress (doesn't even have to be by Chanel, although that can't hurt) worn with a simple strand of pearls is correct for all occasions. Same sort of thing goes for class dress. Until you know the mode of the place you study, go conservative!

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Guest nyMETdancer

thank you very much!!!!! You are so right, I like sticking with the traditionals too , cause I look really bad in futsy dutsy leotards. I really like wearing Sansha leotards , but there isn't any dicount dance supply magazine that carries them , but luckly they are still pretty cheap!


Thanks Again,


nyMETdancer :flowers:

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A leotard that fits well and is flattering is your best bet!! Make sure its not too baggy so that it doesn't make you look bigger than you are, and that it's not too small so that you are able to do cambre back. Discount Dance SUpply has GREAT black, cheap, leotards.

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