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Frustrated and Disappointed with Turns...


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Have really been frustrated with getting a clean double. I am not sure I am ready to take my Intermediate exam without able to get a double turn. EVen though I practise at home and after lessons, I still am not able to do it!!


Really getting demoralised and I am not sure whether I should enrol for the exam this coming September.



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Enroll for the exam and stop practicing so hard! I think you're stressing yourself into panic during a pirouette, and losing it that way. The pirouette is just a step, and whether it turns or jumps or splits or turns a somersault, they're all just steps. The reason they exist is that they are doable, and there's nothing to worry about, plenty of people have done them before, and you can too! :)

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If you don't get a completely clean double in your exam, you will not be failed. Obviously, if you get everything wrong, then maybe, but if it's only the doubles, then you'll be just fine. One thing to remember, whatever happens, its very important to finish with a smile, even if you didn't do your clean double.


But as Mjr Johnson said, your frustrations are getting in the way of your progress. You need to step back a bit and take a big breath. Ask yourself, 'are you becoming obsessed with this one issue?', if so, maybe you need advice from your teacher. Ask him/her, for help, and actually listen to the advice your teacher gives you.



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Thank you Mr Johnson and Xena for your encouraging remarks! Sometimes, the harder you try and yet you still fail, disappointment and frustration just builds up. And the deadline for enrolment is coming up, thus I feel the urgent need to get that turn even more desperately!!!



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Coralseaa...When you execute your double pirouette, make certain that when you spot you give the second spot the strongest accent. Spot SPOT! Spot SPOT! Do you understand what I mean? And make certain that you take (when you are turning en dehors to the right) your left side with you, and when you are turning en dehors to the left, your right side with you. Ease your neck, and focus your eyes...Easy neck, eyes of steel! You can do it!

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