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Lower ab exercises

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any good lower ab exercises they might want to share with me. I have been doing tons of crunches and change ments (spelling?) on my back at a 25 degree angle, which I've heard is supposed to target that area (been doing 3 sets, 20 in each set) and I have not seen any real results. Thank you!

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Natalie, since this post has nothing to do with nutrition, I'm moving it to the Young Dancers' forum. And BTW, have you been checking your email? Ms. Leigh has been trying to get in touch with you.

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Goes up?


Goes up what?


If you go up the Hudson River all you get is Sing Sing, and I guess that would make the lower abs work some, but apart from that....


Actually, Natalie, I think this has briefly become an "orpan post", so I'll take it in. There is no exercise for the lower abdominal muscles like the daily in-class "holding in and up" of the lower belly. No stand-alone exercise can do it quite as well, and if I take five feet seven's meaning correctly, when you rise onto relevé, those muscles already in and up take an additional, but invisible bounce up along with you, to help support the relevé and the body over it. :shrug:

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