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Please help!

Guest TigTag

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Hello Tigtag, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :lol:


Let's start at the very beginning. What leg, doing what, when, huh? :D

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Guest TigTag

sorry, I ment to say all that.


Mostly with my right leg when I try to do anything to the side, and when I try do do anything to the back with my left leg I can't keep my toe up.

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TigTag, learning to work your rotation to your best ability means first learning how to align and place yourself, and then how to place the legs for your rotational ability. If your leg is not rotated to the side, then try moving it slightly forward of a perfect side position. Do your tendu to the front, with your very best rotation, then carry it as far side as it will remain rotated. If it turns in, you have gone too far. Do the same thing in your extensions.


As for the back foot in arabesque, that is also a matter of working with the tendu, then lifting it to a dégagé, then higher, maintaining the line of the leg and foot as it ascends. Think of pressing the heel downward and lifting from under the inside edge of the big toe, but do not unpointe the foot! :)

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