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Roland Sarabia

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I am searching for former Boston Ballet member Roland Sarabia. Does anyone know where he might be now? Thank you.

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Do you mean Rolando Sarabia, Daniel Sarabia's older brother? If you do, well Rolando has never been with Boston Ballet, although he has been offered a place there. Currently he is in Pompano Beach, Florida staying with Magaly Suarez, who owns and runs The Art of Classical Ballet School.

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Guest drval01

I can confirm this. "Roly" (as he is affectionately called) is training and dancing with Magaly at present. From what I understand, arrangements for next year are being finalized.


You can check out video clips of him dancing at:




Check out the Don Q and you'll get a sense why his defection is causing such a stir. Mind you, most of these clips are basically of him messing around in the studio.

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He is in Houston and just signed with Houston Ballet as a principal. I was lucky and was allowed to see him work out on 2 different occassions for over an hour each time recently. The only reason I saw your post was because I was searching for more info about the people who are training him. He's hanging out with a small company that moved here from McAllen and is offering private coaching to dancers in training for professional careers. He's glorious to watch. My daughter, who is training, was inspired.

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