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Ok I have a serious problem. When i develope to the side i grip REALLY bad in my hip flexer, causing my hip to rise as well. This hurts my hip A LOT and plus it looks really bad when my hips up. I think what I have to do to correct this problem is to strenghten the muscle on the other side of my quad (I hope that makes sense), so I was wondering if anyone had any exercises to strengthen that muscel? I am going to go to a physical therepist, but I just wanted something to do before i get in, because I can't get in right away. thanks so much!

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Sugarplum, what you do is CORRECT the alignment and NOT grip anything! If you are gripping something to the point of pain, then you are trying to do something that your body is not able to do. OR, you are doing it so incorrectly that it is damaging something. To start with, who is in control of whether your hip rises or not? Right, you are. Therefore, do not let it do that! If you can't lift your leg without lifting your hip, then don't lift the leg any higher than it will go within your own control zone for alignment and placement, extension and rotation. This is, IMO, not a PT problem but a technique problem.

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OK, my hip goes up even when my leg is at 45 degrees, and I believe it is because I am using the wrong muscels to hold it, causing my hip to grip and rise. I can do all the splits even the center, so I don't believe its a matter of flexibibly. I was just wondering what the excerises where to strengthen the muscle i should be using. Just to explain this one more time here it goes: When I do a tondue, my hips are level, i am up on my turn out and so forth. When I left my leg, my quad is used to lift it, not the back of my leg. Using my quad is gripping my hip and raising my hip. So all i wanted was some exercises. Also, my teachers have asked, and told me to go to a PT, so I think I am going to go. THanks

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I'm sorry, sugarplum, but lifting the hip is a matter of alignment and weight placement, and your ability to stop it from doing that by moving your weight over and up on your supporting leg. Lifting with the quad is not a good thing, and there is another active topic on developpé devant that I just went into that explanation today. Perhaps there will be some help you on that thread. Please check the active topics list and it will be near the top, as I just answered it a little while ago. It is on the YD 13-16 forum.

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