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This is perhaps a bit premature, but my husband is keen to pursue an opportunity in Chicago. Of course my primary concern is where my children will go to school but, as this is a ballet board, any suggestions for ballet training (for a 14 year old girl) would be most appreciated!

Please PM me with any suggestions about anything Chicago!



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Can you tell us anything more? For example, in what part of the Chicagoland area would you anticipate living? What kind of dance training are you looking for (strictly pre-pro, NOT pre-pro....)? Several possibilities exist in the city itself, as well as in various suburbs.

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That was quick!


Currently she attends the professional training division of a company school.


I know absolutely nothing about Chicago, but currently we live in a city so would be looking to reside in an urban setting.


Thanks again.

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Yup, we're on top of things here in Chicago!


The two schools you would want to look at first would probably be Ballet Chicago and Ruth Page Center for the Arts. They are most like what you are used to, and they are in the city proper (Ballet Chicago is in the Loop -- our central downtown are -- and Ruth Page is a few miles north, in a rich residential neighborhood).


Our school -- the Hyde Park School of Ballet -- is great for what it is, which is a very good neighborhood school where the kids learn to love dancing. It lacks a truly advanced program, though, so it might not suit your purposes. Nevertheless, it is in the city, south of the Loop in the richly diverse neighborhood that surrounds the University of Chicago.


This should get you started. Don't forget that we have our own resident company -- the Joffrey Ballet -- and two wonderful modern companies -- Hubbard Street Dance and River North -- so there's a decent amount of dance to watch, too!

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I haven't seen the Joffrey on years (since I was in highschool in NY!), but I LOVE Hubbard Street Dance and just recently enjoyed seeing some dancers from River North.


Thanks for the suggestions and links.

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Just FYI, Ballet Chicago teaches Balanchine technique, and Ruth Page is more Russian oriented. Ruth Page has free parking if you have to drive. Both have "studio companies" for the upper levels. Good luck to you if you choose to move - Chicago is a wonderful city, although a bit chilly in the winter!

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Well, my home studio is the Hyde Park School of Ballet, but I take at least two classes a week at Ruth Page because their pre-pro division is really strong and technique-oriented. They have a lot of great teachers for the older girls (I take class in the upper level of the pre-pro division), especially Larry Long, Miss Birute (whose name is IMPOSSIBLE to spell), and Ms. Lipinski.


I also danced at the School of Ballet Chicago for two summers, and while I liked their program and it has lots of merits, it is very strongly Balanchine, a style which my home studio doesn't particularly like.


I would highly recommend Ruth Page, and they're really friendly about letting girls take class to get the feel of the school, and they're also welcoming to girls who aren't in their student company - I've been dancing there for about a year and am not in the company, but I certainly don't feel ignored when it comes to corrections - the teachers are very good about being fair.


Definitely PM me if you have any other questions - I'd be glad to help. There are also a few dancers who are in Ruth Page's company, the Civic Ballet of Chicago, on the boards. Maybe they'll find their way over to this thread somehow. :D

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there is also homer bryants studio

i dont take there but am thinking of trying a class

i take at hyde park school of ballet and it is great, lots of performance

and i also take once a week at ruth page, which has a very good program!

i have the same teachers all the time but i really like it alot!

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School of Ballet Chicago - great program, and school --- but yes, very Balanchine. My daughter just began dancing there this year, age 16, and her previous training had been primarily very classical with exposure to more "Balanchine" during her summer SI's. She loves the school and with her "mix" of training is able to adapt easily at all of the summer SI auditions.

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My 14 year old daughter is a student at Ballet Chicago and has been for 5 years. For her, it’s a good fit. I am certainly not an expert on Ballet but my daughter has really grown in this program. We found the studio by accident and have never been sorry we made the move. Give them a call when you get close to the move and I am sure they can answer any questions you have.

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Great to have you and pal on the board to give information on this school! Would you mind posting about it on its thread on the Pre Pro/Residential sub forum. Please start a new topic with the name School of Ballet Chicago, if that is the proper name. I'm sure you'll find people are interested. I know we do have a thread about their SI, but apparently we don't have one about their year round school. :shrug:

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Just curious -- why invite these posters to start a thread about Ballet Chicago, but not ask the dancers at Ruth Page to do the same? They are about equally well regarded in town.

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Treefrog, anyone can start a thread. :flowers: In this case I merely reacted to these last two because they were the newer two. No special treatment. Anyone may post about program that is considered a serious pre-professional. (and let's not split hairs on what that means. :D )


Post away! :bouncing:

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