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SewRibbons, The level V and VI Joffrey Academy dancers take that class all of the time. They don't really make a fuss about the age, I think if your DD can handle the class she will be fine. She can try it and leave if she is overwhelmed. I think the "advanced professional" might be a misnomer, the Academy pre-pro dancers will be taking that class that want class over break, at our last nutcracker show the girls were asking my DD when and if she was attending those classes.


The adult advanced class often has a variety of ages in that class, from teens trhu older adults. DD says it is a very good class and a very good workout. Run just like the pre-pro classes.

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I contacted Joffrey Academy regarding the email they sent promoting open classes over winter break and to get a clarification on the levels for the 11-12:30 classes they said:


"These special Winter Break classes are particularly challenging, so we like to offer them for the more advanced dancers, this is true. But the classes are open for our Pre-Professional Level IV up through the Professional level dancers."


SewRibbons, there are many 14 year olds in level IV, and I would think if your daughter wants to try she should. I would suggest she not go in the front of the class, stay to the back while she gives it a shot. The pre-pro prgram at Joffrey Academy starts at level IV.

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No problem, SewRibbons, I know whom to contact to get an accurate answer. Plus, they have been really quick and good about answering any questions/concerns I have, esepcially with the new academy managing director this year.

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Three years ago, DD attended these classes at age 13. She was in their year-round PreProfessional Level V (highest level). She did not find them too challenging. They are more lax about age requirements over the Winter Break. You will find a huge range of abilities in these classes.

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I am a mom who know VERY little about dance. I am hoping you can tell me if there are any good pre-pro schools in the Southwest burbs of Chicago.

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kwdreams - Faubourg and Salt Creek are names that come to mind but I'm not sure if those are as south as you need.

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kwdreams..those two schools Sewribbons suggested are well worth the drive, if you want pre pro ballet training. DD has danced in classes with many students from both of those schools, they were all very good and have had successes after training there.

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kwdreams, My DD attended Joffrey Academy for 4 years, so that is what I know of personally. I have seen dancers at the other two schools and Joffrey get similar SI, trainee, Company and college placements. Joffrey is directed and primarily taught by husband and wife team that had been with the Bolshoi, very little Balanchine was ever taught. We are in North suburbs, so Joffrey was the closest to us with the training DD was seeking.

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Ballet Chicago has superb ballet training. It is a Balanchine school. Their students consistently attend SI's at SAB, PNB SFB and Miami as well as go on to professional careers.

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My 12 yer DD just completed the C1 5 week intensive at Ballet Chicago. She loved it and I was very impressed with the instruction she received. We're now looking at relocating to the Chicagoland area so that she can attend the year around school. Any suggestions on good middle and high schools?

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mjl2300 - I don't live in Chicago; we are in the suburbs. If you are looking to live in the city, you need to research how the schools work. As I understand it, students must apply to high schools and the process is extremely competitive. It's not a matter of in which school district you reside as in many other areas. As such, your choice of where to reside in the city is not directly tied to the nearby schools.

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