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Thank you commanderpetra - this is MariaCherries' mom.  We would really appreciate the help.  I have talked to Mary several times this year, and she has tried to help.  I will give Mary permission to give you my name and number.   She knows who we are as we have been looking for housing.  So happy to hear your dancers like it there.  My DD is looking forward to attending this fall, as well as the back to school intensive in August.  :)

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I would recommend contacting Ballet Chicago and Joffrey as they often have students looking for roommates.  

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I've emailed Mary to suggest a closed Facebook group for the Youth Company. I have offered to set it up, and have asked her to supply the link to new dancers. My daughter is connected to several current and former students that will be able to suggest places and contacts for accommodations. Most of the dancers have contacts at Joffrey, and other friends in the area.

Also, my younger daughter will be at the Summer and Back-to-School Intensives. We will make an effort to find students looking for roommates there as well.

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Thank you Commanderpetra.  Thank you Monet.  Both are great ideas. 

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My daughter lived there for 3 years.  There are some really great and safe condos right downtown.  

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How old is your DD?

There are some "dorm" type apartment options in the Loop that are walking distance to A&A.  Joffrey contracts with Infinite Chicago (some of their trainees have stayed at 777 South State).  There are other options too because there are plenty of colleges in the area.  You might be able to do some research on these type of places too.  They might be a little more expensive but may provide a little more security and roommate finding.  Consider checking out the websites for Columbia College or Roosevelt University.  They might have a listing of off-site student apartments.

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Thank you kr12 and Monet.  We would be very happy to have her in one of those private dorms.  We have toured Infinite Chicago and there is a new one called 30 East.  Really nice places.  My DD is just concerned about roommates.  She is 17 years old and would rather not be with non dancing college students.  That is why we were trying to connect with someone.  We would be happy to sign a lease in any of those buildings.  

Do you think there will be students from the summer deciding to stay in Chicago for the school year?  I don't want to miss a chance on housing, but was not ready to commit.



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Yes!  That is how my daughter found a roommate last year.  She dsnced at Ballet Chicago and I made sure BC and Joffrey knew we were looking for a roommate and Joffrey contated us in the summer because they had someone looking.  My daughter lived in a great condo and was only a couple blocks from the ballet.  The condo was grwat because it was safe and not a dorm like setting which was better for her as she moved when she was a freshman and had to do school.  

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Lovemylabs, did your daughter find housing and a roommate?  We were looking into sending our daughter to Chicago in the fall, decided to wait, but now we are looking again 🙂  How is your daughter liking A&A? Would you be willing to give me specific feedback on the school and teachers? I'm not sure if there is a thread for A&A.

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Sorry. Just saw this question.  We found housing for her at University Center. We are very happy with her living situation. She has a single room, but her friend is right down the hall. She has met some other people, but as a dancer, she has a little different priorities. The security there is very, very good. She is happy with the food. 😀 

as far as A&A, she left at the end of September. She decided it was not the right place for her. We are proud she made the decision that health comes first. We think they do have some very good instruction  

If you have specifics, please let me know. 

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