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Hi all :yes: ,


I am going to start taking RAD Intermediate Classes, can anyone give me an overview of what I can expect.


I also want to know if there is somewhere in the Southeast England where I can take regular Ballet classes as at the moment my school can offer me 2 (max).





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Jen, try this for a general overview of the vocational track of RAD:




With the Academy's old site, I could click around and find a big .pdf file containing the syllabus for Intermediate, but with their new site, I don't know where it is. Click around in there. There's lots and lots of information.

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Guest beckster

Knock knock ...


Jenny, am I right in thinking you've been doing grade 6 RAD? You'll find the exercises in intermediate a lot shorter and easier to remember than the grades, but a lot less interesting! For example, in grade 6 and grade 7, most barre exercises combine several different steps and some port de bras and flourishes. By comparison, each barre exercise in intermediate is usually just one step, most of the time just en crois or to the front and back, depending on the step. The same is true in the centre - it's a lot less dancey and far more technical. It feels like you are showing the steps, rather than doing a dance. There are a lot more steps in intermediate as well, and some are technically more demanding, such as pose turns, double pirouettes, and brise's. Intermediate also includes a small section of pointework, although I do this on demi. If you want to take the exam, you get marked differently to the grades. Your natural facility for dance, your turnout, and your extensions, are all considered as well as your ability to do the exercises and your overall performance. I find intermediate difficult but in a good way :yes: it is demanding, but not impossible. I feel it makes me a lot stronger than grade 7 alone.

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Thanks Beckster,


Are you doing both Grade 7 & Intermediate? I am still doing Grade 6 but I thought the vocational would give me a more of a challenge and also help my technique, I wanted to do Inter Foundation, but unfortunatly there are limited classes in my area :wallbash:

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Guest Blochangel01

hi there from my experience with the RAD the grades syllabus is much more like a performance with the levels looking at the dance aspect where as the vocational exams are more technique but you must correct me if i am not 100%


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Hi, Blochangel01 and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forum at Ballet Talk for Dancers on Ballet Alert! Online! :)


That's close enough to what happens in grades as opposed to vocational to be a useful explanation, thanks! :)

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