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Funny things kids say


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I'm just wondering how many of you looked bewildered when your young dancer came home for the first time and told you she was doing "bullrays", "coolpays" or "potshots" in ballet class!




Just the other day my husband was telling our DD that surely she was wrong about what she was learning in class, because "fondue" is a cheese sauce! I came to her rescue.



There are many others, these are just the ones that come to mind at half past midnight!

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I am not a parent but when I was little and in fact I was reminded of it a week or so ago, my father called some of the things I did "shahz bots." I think he watched too much Mork and Mindy back then.

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My eldest child (my husband) came home from watching class one day and asked dd what the name of the step was that he had seen done so often in class. You know, the one that involves tugging down on the legs of the leotard and then pulling up on the leotard straps--he saw it done at the end of every combination.

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Mrs. Stahlbaum,


Please display a warning with your posts that reads:





Because if you had, my coffee would still be in my mouth, and not all over my computer screen.


Thank you.

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When dd was 10 she came home from class and told me that her teacher told her she needed to work on her "attitude" ! I got really mad at her and told her that she had better not have a bad "attitude" in class. She started laughing and told me he meant the dance step "attitude!"

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My mother wanted to know why we kept doing "potty" steps (pas de bouree, pas de chat)...........I'm not even going to type out what she thought my teacher was saying when she said "pas de chat"

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*knock knock* sorry, just had to comment on this one!


Even though it's gotten quite old, I still think it's funny when my dad thinks all ballet steps are called rendezvous. :angry:


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My daughter used to take from a teacher who actually said "pot-tee bouree" with a definite separation between the two syllables, the accent always on the "tee".


Thats how we say thangs down south. :rolleyes:

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Re Mrs. Stalbaum's post about the pulling down of the leos.

Have you seen the men's variation for this movement? Pulling UP of the tights after each centre combination until its almost to the armpits. Make sure they haven't jumped right out of them!

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Wow, been awhile since i REALLY did laugh out loud at a post. But these are all TOO funny! I'm going to have to make certain I'm not eating or drinking when I check this thread again.

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Knock Knock


I know i am a teacher but I have this one child in my class that associates everything with food. Fondu is obviously cheese dip thingys, Developpe is devils cake, Frappe is the coffee thing and so on. She is hilarious especially since she is about as big around as a pencil.


To tell on myself, when I started ballet at age 9, i was watching an older girls class. My teacher called entrechat quatre 'cots' and i missunderstood her. I then went around to everyone asking them if the could do 'pot'.


Rachel :)

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knock knock


my grandmother would never darken the door of a ballet school were it not that i dance, and she takes great pleasure in poking fun at ballet. "off to dancin' and prancin'" is one most annoying quote, and her favorite ballet name is "porty bra", for, "aren't all bras portable?" :)

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