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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Funny things kids say


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Rachel, I just about died laughing at your post! The scary part is that I know of a ballet school where all the other nine-year-olds would have said, "Yes, want to do some too?" :D

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Learning ballet terminology certainly makes a good case for encouraging our dk's to study French in school! Some teachers really do mangle the French terminology, though, as well as the dk's.

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Today my DD started summer classes at her home studio. Her teacher for the summer is from Israel, and told the students to stand in turd. DD knew what she meant, but got a good chuckle out of it anyway. (after class of course!) :D

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I know this is an old topic, but i have a new one to add. There is this little girl, 9 years old (who happens to be one of the most talented kids i have ever see... we are talking 110 degree extension held in center with perfect turn out on both legs and a passion that makes it imposible to take your eyes off her when she dances...) and she is dancing Red Riding hood in our Sleeping Beauty. She was at her rehearsal and she had gotten very quit. Then she said, not directed to anyone in particular and in the most serious tone, "I just realized this is my first Pas de Deux and i have to dance with a WOLF" and with that i just about fell over. I know it is one of those you kinda had to be there for, but i am sure you all can use your imagination to picture what i saw. All i can say is how wonderful.


:) This isn't funny, but i want to say someting about this little girl. It is a breath of fresh air for a very cinical person to watch a youg girl with talent who is still nieve enough to not think everything is perfect. I watch her dance and there is such innocence and purity on her face and expressed by her whole body. I know that her mom looks at this board sometimes, so if she sees this i would like to tell her how muc i appreciate this precious child. Even if she never dances professionaly or her talent doesn't go as far as we think (yeah right) she has reminded me what it is to just dance, for the love and reverence of the art itself. If only there were more of these children then all in life would be perfect. So here is to all your children, students and others that have not allowed life to alter their innoncence.

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