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pulled hamstring

ABT Wannabe

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i have had a pulled hamstring...and it has been bothering me for a whole year!! does anyone have any ideas to help?? thanks

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A pulled hamstring is not going to heal if you continue to stretch it. Therefore, taking classes will continue to aggravate it. They tend to take a long time to heal completely, and are vulnerable to reinjury. Physical Therapy might help, and perhaps some ultra sound treatments.

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Physical therapy is your best bet. I had pulled mine and delt with the pain for over a year, hoping it would get better on its own, but it just got worse. It got so inflammed that it was putting pressure on my sacrum and I couldn't sit down for about a month. It was actually pulling my hips out of alignment so that one leg was slightly longer than the other.


My physical therapist wound up being a former dancer, which was awesome. She have me several heat treatments and some weird thing that involved electrode that sent mild shocks on my leg and bum. She also gave me therabands and a list of stretches that were specific for the muscle I pulled.


Its been 2 years and its not painful anymore, but my right leg isn't as flexible as my left and I have to take extra care stretching it

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Guest live2dance115

i also had a pulled leg muscle. i thought it would never be better. But after my SI, like the break between my next ballet year, it did better. All I can say to you is that you need to let it rest.

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