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PBT's Marjorie Thompson (?????)

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Does anyone know where Marjorie Thompson (School Director) is going?

We just received an e-mail from PBT announcing her departure :rolleyes:

But there wasn't any indication of her plans...

She has done a great job at PBT & I'm sure she'll be missed tremendously...

We wish her well :D:thumbsup:

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Thanks for the information...

Ms. Thompson will be missed by DD (aedancer) at SI.

Roberto Munoz is being promoted to School Director @ PBT.

DD has had class with him last summer & she really likes him.


Best of luck to Ms. Thompson!!!!! :rolleyes::D:thumbsup::yes:

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My sons attend PBTS during the year. Many of us parents were a little uncertain when Roberto Munoz was selected to replace Ms. Thompson. He is a wonderful teacher, particularly for young men, but we were not sure about how he would handle the day to day running of a school. I am happy to report he has jumped right in: teaching classes at all levels, speaking with parents and students, planning schedules. Although he will be different than Ms Thompson I am am optimisitic that he will be very good for the school.

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This news was upsetting to me when I first heard, because one of the reasons why I chose PBT was Ms.Thompson. So it is offical that she wont be teaching any classes at the ISP? :wink: Does anyone have info on the new guys style? I know he was already a teacher there, but i was just curious if he had a different style of teaching...

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Hi I had Roberto Munoz as a teacher over the summer last year and he is a wonderful teacher, he is very hard, yet has a good sense of humor. Let me put it this way you wont get away with fooling around in his class, or not trying. He makes you feel good about yourself but he works you very very very hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His style is uuuuummmmmm between Balanchine and Vagnova a think, but dont take me up on that!!!! Are you excited I know I am, only 11 days to go!!!!! YEEPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

~Megan~ :wink:

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i had her as a guest teacher last year at ballet austin and LOVED her! im going away this year...but shes supposed to guest teach again i think :pinch:


ooo and above

kind of a coincidence....but i had mr munoz for my pbt audition this year and he seemed really cool!!

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