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The artistic director of my school, also the head teacher, has posted a sign up sheet for end of year meetings. Each are 15 minutes, so naturally, I signed up. So I only have a small amount of time... what should I ask her to get everything in? Would it be okay to bring a list of questions? Would it be okay to ask about moving up to the next level (whether or not I did for next year)? And about a dance career? Sorry, I just want to make sure it goes alright and I don't embarass myself or forget things to ask.

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A list would be a good idea, balletstar :rolleyes: But I'm sure she will also have some things to say, and she might answer some of your questions before you even ask them!

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At PNB we have 2 conferences a year, and they always encourage us to ask any questions we might have. But as Ms. Leigh said, they usually seem to answer your questions before you even ask them.

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Guest imadancer


I know how you feel I just did the same thing. Don't forget to relax!!

A list is also a great idea -wish I'd have thought of that-


anyways, I hope this helps :P

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Guest live2dance115

I remeber I had my first conference last summer and I got really nervous, but just relax. I would definatly bring a list of questions, such as:

What are my strengths/weaknesses?

What do I need to work on?

Do I need to take anymore classes?

Do I need to take anymore types of dance?

How is my pointe work?

What level will I be in next year?

Do you think I am doing well for my age?


And more questions like that, I just gave you those questions to help you start thinking.

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Thanks guys, for all of your advice. The meeting did not go too well. Oh well. :wink:

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