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falling behind


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after talking to night and thinking deeply to myself, i feel as i am falling behind standard. i mean i work so hard in class and i feel as if it never pays off. i'm not a great dancer and feel as everyone is progressing around me and i am not. i mean i know i am improving, but not to my standards. i don't think i am improving at the rate at which i should. this is very disappointing to me and upsetting. i don't know what to do. sometimes i just can't help myself.

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Remember this: You are the absolute expert on how you feel, but you are usually second, third, or worse on how you look! What is your teacher saying? When it comes to ballet, s/he is your "eye outside yourself", and provides quality control.

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I think you probably are improving YOUR standards and dont really know it. You should do whats right for YOU, and not worry about how fast OTHER girls are improving. Just keep working and dont pay attention to anyones improvement but your own.

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