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Audition tips!

Guest 2bORnot2b

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Guest 2bORnot2b

:yawn: Hey everyone!!!

i'm going for some ballet school auditions and i was just wondering..


Did anyone have any tips they could give me?


i've never auditioned for anything!!! :blushing:


this is exciting and nerve-racking~! :P


thanks! :)

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Guest Giselledancer513

Well I don't know if this will help you at all but,


wear classical black leotard and pink tights


hairsprayed bun


oh, I had more but I forgot them sorry :)

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Okay 2b, here are some things I feel are important:


Auditions are just classes, which you do all the time, so go in there to have a class with a different teacher, maybe learn something new, and treat it like an exciting new experience!


Aside from line, technique, facility, and training, which is what they will be looking for, they will also respond much more positively to a positive dancer. Teachers are not likely to respond as well to a dancer who never smiles, but they will love those who welcome corrections and seem eager to learn. They also love those who are not afraid to show that they love to dance!


Remember that you are a young student, and not expected to walk in there looking like Makarova quite yet! :yawn: They will be looking for potential, not a finished dancer. :)


Good luck, and enjoy your auditions!

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Guest 2bORnot2b

thanks soo much!!

i wish i were young!

im actually 16 going on 17..so in alot of ways..this may be my last chance..or very close to my last chance.

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2bORnot2b I hope you enjoy your auditions. It is indeed time to get out there to push yourself. I know that Australia is extremely well organized when it comes to ballet training. How long have you been studying ballet? There are numerous schools in Australia on a very high level.


Be positive about your pursuit, but remain level headed. As Ms. Leigh has said very well, "auditions are just classes." If you have studied hard and have what the schools are looking for, you should do well!


i've never auditioned for anything!!!


Auditioning for the first time can be nerve wracking, but if you are at a good level for your age and have the facility ballet schools are looking for in Australia, it should not matter that you have never auditioned for anything before. :clapping:

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It is important at auditions to always pay close attention to the combination the auditioner gives you. Since it is a new place you are auditioning for, the style and counts/ accents may be different than what you are used to. It is also important to stick to your own opinion about what the combination is. You should not follow someone else then make their listakes for that will just prove to the auditioner that it is harder for you to learn choreography accurately and could hinder your chances of being accepted.

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Guest serenade389

My best piece of advice is to just enjoy it. I have been to a lot of auditions, and did not make the ones where I was incredibly nervous (looking). Just think of it as a performance and enjoy what you are doing. Acknowledge corrections (if they are given) and remember to pay close attention to the combinations! Best of luck to you- auditions can be nerve-wracking, but just you just have to go out there and do it! :cool2:

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