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Potential vs. Talent


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I'm basically in the same situation as Marentha (In her post, 'Realistic Future') but my questions are different so I decided to start a new thread.


I'm 15 (turning 16 in September) and just finished my freshman year of highschool. Teachers have told me that they see lots of potential in me and hopefully they see some talent as well because I do get cast in rather large roles as well as soloist positions. At what point does the presence of talent begin to outwiegh potential? What would be more important in the long run?

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Neither is "more" important, LaBailarina! Potential is what one hopefully has as a young student, and talent is what one must have in order to even have potential! :yawn: Talent, however, must be developed. That's called training. So, if you show the potential for that talent as a young student, one hopes that that potential will develop all the talent that is there and turn out a wonderful dancer! :)

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