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I will be attending NYU in the fall to major in musical theater but I am afraid of not being able to get enough ballet training through the program as it is not geared directly towards dance. I was wondering if anyone in this forum teaches in Manhattan or knows of any really great classes just to keep up with technique. I am an int/adv dancer. Any suggestions would help...please include the teacher's name not just the studio.




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If you're going to be going to NYU, then the Joffrey School is only a couple of blocks away! Check and see which classes Francesca Corkle, Trinette Singleton, or Eleanor d'Antuono are teaching.

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Steps. Broadway Dance, and Ballet Academy East are all a quick subway ride away. NYU may have dance classes as well.



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NYU Grad here!


NYU has a fine dance program for which you have to audition! It is part of the Tisch School of the Arts and has it own 2nd Avenue Dance Company. The former head of the dance program, Kay Cummings is a wonderful women. The students in the program work very hard and produce a great deal of work. Although I worked with the modern dancers as a costume design student they did have a good ballet program.


Are you in the undergrad division? If you are you will be based out of the 721 Broadway building. One of the neat things about the dance program at NYU is that they invite guest choreographers every year to to choreograph original works for their major concert. I got to work with David Dorfman and Shapiro and Smith my senior year as a design student! That was 12 years ago! Some of the students got into one of the choreographer's companies because of this opportunity. So, check out the Tisch Dance Program.


PM me if you want any more information.

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Congradulations on your acceptance at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts! One kind soul reminded me that you can't PM yet! So, if you need to chat regarding your upcoming move to the city. Perhaps one of the moderators would be willing to get us linked up. As I also can't send you a PM even though I can receive them as again you haven't done thirty messages. I don't have a problem with this rule. I'm sure it was set up for a good reason! Have you thought of a double major in theatre and dance?

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Hey Benny!


Here some help on what is available at Tisch!

Go to the following link and read!




The head of the Ballet area is James Martin I think.

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